Friday Favorites...eight three zero

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Hey Friday, Hey Friday, Hey Friday, Hey.

That was totally appropriate because this Friday I am bringing the good stuff.

Just look at this gorgeous collection of photographs from Lola’s Room.  I want to do a whole gallery wall filled with her soft and colorful photos.  They make me feel young and fresh.  Which one is your favorite? lolas-room-etsy-shop-feature I love that by looking at those photos you can tell this girl has an eye for detail.  I imagine her stopping right in the middle of a carnival to stop and snap a photo of that old dodge…Or walking through fields of flowers to get some lovely bloom shots.  If only all of our lives were that beautiful, right?

Wanna know what else I have been crushing on this week… creme-de-la-craft-diy-nail-polish-bottle-vases When I was a kid, I always brought my mom in dandelions from the yard.  I was like 5 so even weeds were pretty, and my mom always put them in this cute dainty little vase.  They were special flowers.  Can you imagine me bringing in a dandelion now?  Tim would be busting out the yard killer in point five seconds flat.  With all the old and empty nail polish bottles I have lying around, I think making cute little vases like Natalie did could be the best idea ever.  Shouldn’t finding the beauty in weeds be some sort of deep metaphor….someone help me out with that. studio-DIY-Gumball-Drink-Stirrers A drink is a treat in itself, but I would be so excited if once I slammed it I had a sweet treat to eat.  I am putting this in my “cute details for parties I will never have” file.  Then I would shove as many gum balls in my mouth as humanly possible and chew until my jaw aches.  My idea of a good time for sure.  Can we also talk about how insanely adorable Kelly’s photo styling is? honey-bee-in-the-city-dyed-bones I found these dyed bones on Kaelah’s blog and couldn’t help but love them.  Sure it is slightly strange to have little deceased critters in your possession, but when they are that pretty how do you resist.  Tim has mentioned wanting an articulated skeleton or something, maybe I can pass one of these off as a birthday gift.

Did you find anything great this week?
Would you ever buy dyed bones?
What’s the best tv show you are watching lately?

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Written by Christina and Tim

6 thoughts on “Friday Favorites…eight three zero

  1. Janelle

    The bones! Yes! So freakin cool. I bet kids would be mesmerized by that… like just sit and stare for hours. Easy babysitting! Wait, I would do that too…

    Have a lovely LONG weekend! 🙂


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