What we got done in two weeks....

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During our crazy makeover, we took a blogging hiatus of sorts.

We planned on stock piling projects, getting crafty, and over-preparing for our return.

What did we do instead…..

Christina came down with the plague.  Stayed in bed for a full week.
Tim watched the baby shark grow in its egglet.
Ignored the fact that we can’t afford the tile we want for our bathroom remodel.
Tim made a “sick kit” for his feverish fiance…but ate all the Ludens.
Christina went to three wedding shows, even while sick.  Determined little bride.
Planned and executed a SURPRISE anniversary party.  Holy awesome.
Christina started a brand new management job.  Yikes.
Tim turned our backyard into a little paradise, minus the sand.
Started a diet….quit said diet.  Ate lots of ice cream.
Went to two weddings, took notes, and started planning our own.
Actually finished a book, got our hairs done, and went to bed early.
Never once cooked a meal….head is hung low in shame.

two week hiatus

In all that time, I never managed to plan a post.  Or complete a DIY photo shoot.  Or even start a new project.  I did glance at the Frame wall, then decided that until the bathroom is finished it’s best not to put a bunch of pretty frames on the opposite side of the wall.  Patience, grasshopper, patience.  Where can I get a second helping of patience?  Make it a “heaping” helping please.

Can’t wait to share more about the projects we did squeeze in.  Especially that surprise party, I was dying to tell you but for obvious reasons I zipped my lips.  Ain’t nothing better than a good surprise.

Did you catch the summer cold?
Ever gone two weeks without cooking?
Which above tidbit are you most excited to hear about?

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Written by Christina and Tim

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