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Tim and I love to entertain.

I kind of want to make it my job, but I feel like my habit of procrastinating would really be working against me.  For instance, when people showed up to our Fourth of July backyard bash I was in my swimsuit…still cooking and panicked that I had not set up the food table or taken pictures for the blog.  Tisk, tisk.

Then it hit me.  As much as I would love to be the blogger that had her Fourth of July tutorials up two weeks before the holiday, giving you all inspiration and praying for pins….it is just not me.  I tip my hat to you ladies, and inside my guts are jealous.  I unfortunately embrace chaos, and work best under pressure.

 In the midst of yelling at Tim to take as many photos as possible while cutting out watermelon stars, and screaming at everyone not to touch any of the food, I had an epiphany.  I had to stop trying to be something I am not.

I started this blog as a creative outlet for my analytical mind.  I wanted to document our lives together and be inspired to live more beautifully.  I wanted to enjoy life more, and make new friends.

Let me tell you something, telling people not to touch the food until you get “the shot” is not going to make you friends.

Hi my name is Christina, and I fell victim to blog pressure.

Trying to keep up with the newest social medium, joining every creative network, and spending hours criticizing our projects.  That has been life for the last couple weeks.  Tim doesn’t approve, and in that moment of hangry girl madness….I changed my ‘tude.

I decided to kick back.  Enjoy the day, and not guilt myself for taking the next two days off.  Hope you all can understand and please forgive me, I know not what I do.

Are these pictures the greatest Fourth of July party photos ever, nope.
But that’s not what is important….whats important is the fun that was had and the margaritas that were consumed.  Which was a lot.

Without any further rambling, this is a bit of our backyard BBQ. fourth of july bbq our tasty fourth food our backyard bbq for the fourth What did you do for the Fourth?
Have you ever been overcome with pressure to do things you don’t want to?
Ever tried to make Rice Krispie treats blue….yea about that.

Written by Christina and Tim

Is it terrible that I am still recovering from the Fourth of July.  I guess that birthday finally caught up with me….extra years be dragging me down.

This week I finally get to show you all of those outdoor projects that we have slaved over for the last four rainy weekends.  I may or may not be doing the cabbage patch behind my screen here.

Before we take this fiesta outside, I want to talk about all the creepers just waiting to pounce on your financials.  We all spend a lot of time behind the screen, but there are tons of people making their living off of your computer time. protect your identity Almost eight and a half million adults a year are victims of identity fraud losing over $50 billion dollars.  We probably all know someone who has been affected, in fact Tim and I have both taken a ride on the crazy train that is getting your identity back.  It is a heck of a ride let me tell you.

Did you know that the easiest way to prevent identity theft is just to be aware of your accounts.  It’s that easy…just check your statements for strange activity.  An easy step that so many people don’t take.

You can shred documents, secure your personal information, and use an antivirus but using common sense when providing information is one of the best ways to protect yourself.  Make sure you have initiated contact and you know who you are dealing with when you give out data.  Shop on trusted sites, and people please don’t give out your social security number.

Take a minute today to check your bank account.  Then do it for the next 66 days and you officially have a very safe habit.  You’re welcome.

Have you ever been affected by identity theft?
Do you check your bank accounts on the regular?
Ever used LifeLock, how did that go?

Written by Christina and Tim

A patriotic pair....

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I admitted yesterday that the Fourth of July is not my favorite holiday.

There is one part of Independence celebrations that I love…besides the beer….is getting dressed up in the red, white, and blue.

Tim and I went “window-shopping” where the windows were just new tabs on the screen I stared at for way too long, and these were our creations.  Tim thinks his is a little too risque for the blog, but I say let’s just be real.  We like slightly naughty jokes, remember. our fourth outfit

I like to keep things simple with a quirky tee and white pants destined for BBQ sauce tradgedies.  The aviators are a no-brainer….classic American thanks to Tom Cruise.  While I don’t own Toms, I think they would just be the cutest for summer boating (when I pretend that boating is something I do).  Add some pretty red nails and a koozie with the good stuff and I am sure to have a good time.

I am so happy that Tim has not jumped on the flat-bill bandwagon, he still prefers the classy golf hat and of course the only choice is a Cardinals hat.  This shirt is a little mature, but I feel like we could pass it off to kiddos as a real warning…especially since everyone knows how terrified I am of popping-fire-boom-noise-in-your-face.  Tim loves the plain shorts, so yea that is that and then some sweet white Converse kicks aching for some grass stains.

Are you keeping it casual for the Fourth or sporting that sweet summer dress?
Do you love shirts that make people giggle?
What are your Fourth of July plans?

Written by Christina and Tim

While I do heart anything patriotic…but I am generally not a fan of Independence Day.

Gasp!  A holiday Christina doesn’t like.

Not sure if Will Smith scarred me for life, or if it just my disdain for loud noises.  It could also have something to do with the fact that for the first 25 years of my life I “thought” I didn’t like BBQ sauce.  I am not sure why, but other than decking myself out in red, white, and blue and enjoying the day off I usually don’t do too much for this holiday.

Now please don’t come at me with “I hate ‘Merica” bashing.  The Star Spangled Banner makes me cry, we fly our flag high, and I am eternally grateful for the freedom our soldiers fight for every single day.  I just don’t like things that go boom and shake the house mmkay.

This year, that is all changing.

We decided that 2013 would be the year we would host a Fourth of July BBQ.
So this year, our home is decked out in stars & stripes. full mantle My mantle makes me happy. fourth of july mantle What is your least favorite holiday?
Any good Fourth recipes I should know about?
Know of any “quiet” firework shows?

Written by Christina and Tim

Sweet summers of yore....

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Summers always feel nostalgic for me.  Carnivals, snow cones, running through sprinklers, the smell of citronella, swimming, and long lazy days always take me right back to my childhood.

There is so much that I miss about those summers, but these are the things I long for the most.  Minus the three month break from school. childhood summers So earlier this week I tried a few.  The watermelon was tasty, the popsicles were messy, the tree climbing was way harder than I remember.  I reminisced about all the hours spent on my bike (I still ride the same one I rode as a kiddo).

Who is hoarding all the kickballs?  I couldn’t find a one, although after a bike ride and a failed attempt at climbing a tree…I can’t say I looked too hard.

I also forgot how when you grab the hose to drink from, the water comes out boiling hot for the first couple seconds.  Oh hey third degree mouth burns.  Can’t call that enjoyable, but hey once the water chilled down it was just as tasty as I remembered.  I might hold onto that one and call it a habit.

The only thing I couldn’t get to was Capture the Flag.  Couldn’t find enough players ahem willing participants.  Anyone wanna play?  Meet ya at the park in ten, I’ll grab my bike.

What do you miss from childhood summers?
Have you climbed a tree lately?
Have you tried the watermelon Oreos?

Tim wants me to mention that he begged me to change my graphic to “Anyone have a time machine?” but I said I gots to do what I gots to do dude.  He knows proper English, but I am too gangster for all that.

Written by Christina and Tim

Together with some awesome co-hosts, I’m bringing you the Summer of my Youth Link Up Party.

Last month, we launched the party!  The idea is simple: relive your youth, blog about it, link it up!  Go somewhere or do something that reminds you of summertime when you were a kid – read a book , visit a place that has meaning, make that recipe you couldn’t get enough of, watch the show or movie you know all the words to, or listen to that CD you wore out.  It can be whatever brings back those awesome summer memories!

Before we dive into the deets, let’s check out the awesome ladies who jumped on board with my idea and are playing hosts this summer:

A HUGE Thank You to the ladies from Charleston Crafted, Tarnished Silver, Jo, My Gosh!, Homemade Ocean, and Hungry Janey for helping me bring this summer project to life!

Now the deets!

Link Up Schedule:

TODAY!  Link your blog post(s) showing off what you have done to relive the summers of your youth!

AUGUST 1ST, SEPTEMBER 1ST  Visit the co-hosts on the 1st of each month of the summer for a fresh link up where you can share your Summer of My Youth blog post – tell us what you’ve done, where you’ve gone, how you’re reliving summertime.  You can do all three months or just link up one – the choice is up to you!

Link Up Rules:

1. Follow the co-hosts!

2. Link up your posts! (You only need to link up to ONE co-host to be linked to all!)

3. Hop around and see how others are reliving their youth.

4. Come back August 1st to link up even more ‘Summer of My Youth’ posts with us!

Written by Christina and Tim