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During our crazy makeover, we took a blogging hiatus of sorts.

We planned on stock piling projects, getting crafty, and over-preparing for our return.

What did we do instead…..

Christina came down with the plague.  Stayed in bed for a full week.
Tim watched the baby shark grow in its egglet.
Ignored the fact that we can’t afford the tile we want for our bathroom remodel.
Tim made a “sick kit” for his feverish fiance…but ate all the Ludens.
Christina went to three wedding shows, even while sick.  Determined little bride.
Planned and executed a SURPRISE anniversary party.  Holy awesome.
Christina started a brand new management job.  Yikes.
Tim turned our backyard into a little paradise, minus the sand.
Started a diet….quit said diet.  Ate lots of ice cream.
Went to two weddings, took notes, and started planning our own.
Actually finished a book, got our hairs done, and went to bed early.
Never once cooked a meal….head is hung low in shame.

two week hiatus

In all that time, I never managed to plan a post.  Or complete a DIY photo shoot.  Or even start a new project.  I did glance at the Frame wall, then decided that until the bathroom is finished it’s best not to put a bunch of pretty frames on the opposite side of the wall.  Patience, grasshopper, patience.  Where can I get a second helping of patience?  Make it a “heaping” helping please.

Can’t wait to share more about the projects we did squeeze in.  Especially that surprise party, I was dying to tell you but for obvious reasons I zipped my lips.  Ain’t nothing better than a good surprise.

Did you catch the summer cold?
Ever gone two weeks without cooking?
Which above tidbit are you most excited to hear about?

Written by Christina and Tim

Guess who is back...

Posted by Christina // 15 Replies

Hey y’all after being down for over two weeks we are finally back and better than ever!

Take a peek around…then reminisce on the days of yesteryear. our blog

Peek around, tell us what you think.  If you run into any problems or anything looks strange pretty please send us an email and let us know what browser you’re using.

We appreciate everyone’s patience and feedback…you all really are the best.

A huge thanks to Jenny Highsmith at Maiedae for such beautiful designs.

Written by Christina and Tim

we are making some changes

Over the next week or so, we are undergoing some major changes around these parts.

No need to be alarmed, but plenty of reason to get excited.

Next time we see you, you won’t even recognize us!

Written by Christina and Tim

So maybe you haven’t been a “homie” for very long and have never seen our home.  Or maybe you were so enamoured by our backyard BBQ that you missed it.  Or maybe you just don’t notice things like a whole house changing colors.  But it happened.

Our home went from peely, faded yellow…. before painting the house with flagstone to sweet, smoky gray. after painting the house with flagstone It’s sort of funny because looking at the photos above, the before doesn’t look that terrible.  Don’t be fooled though, it was quite terrible.

We really thought long and hard about siding, but decided it is just not in the budget now.  Any “exterior” money we have saved is going towards a roof that we are in dire need of.  So paint we must.

Gray was the obvious choice, since it will soon be my last name.

We spent four weekends cursing the rain for hindering our progress, then spent the next week thanking my dad for all of his hard work painting our house while we were at work.  Someone get that guy an award.  He busted his hump because I had originally said I wanted to have it done by the Fourth.  What a guy.

He was even sweet enough to leave our little birdie friends in their home. the baby birds we found  Now do you see the drastic difference in color?

Apparently our house brings all the birds to the yard, and they are like…I’ll poop on your car. our favorite bird I feel like I should be in our back yard singing so that they can land on my fingers and tweet along, then I can put those birds to work.  Ala Snow White and all her “helpers”.  I have plenty of dishes for them to do, trust.

Have you ever painted a whole house?
Have any bird babies at your house?
Do you have an incredible dad too?

Written by Christina and Tim

I am unbelievably excited for this giveaway.
In fact I almost passed on being a host so that I could enter!

Rebecca from Sketchy Styles is giving one lucky reader a custom sketch. sketchy styles 3 This girl has mad skills….I am beyond jealous.  Who forgot to teach me how to draw?  Even my stick figures turn out wonky. sketchy styles 1 I have never seen bricks look so good.  I think Tim and I need a brown stone. sketchy styles 2 I am such a sucker for customizable anything and my heart is aching for one of her paint chip sketches for our frame wall!  Seriously, you know you think this is brilliant.  I am saving pennies for this starting rightthisminute. paint chip sketch Entering is easy, thanks to the awesomeness of Rafflecopter.  Holler.
The other hosts are class acts so show them so love.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Be sure to check out Becky’s blog, especially her floor plan…then beg her to draw mine!

Written by Christina and Tim