Our camping adventure-ish day....

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Last weekend we got a little wild and decided to abandon the seventy-four projects we have on our plate to take a day off in the woods.  Sometimes I need a full day of phoneless bliss.  Usually the day after I started pulling my hair out trying to keep up with twitter, pinterest, facebook, instagram, bloglovin, klout, hometalk, and whatever else I am behind the times on.  Sometimes you just need a break.

Six years ago, one of my closest relatives retired.  She sold everything and bought an RV.  Now she spends her days traveling the US just her and her GPS.  A real-life American gypsy, and my role model.  Since she hasn’t rolled into our neck of the woods in a few months we hopped on the opportunity to roast a couple marshmallows with her.  And play gin rummy with her.  And bingo.  And an outdoor movie.  It was quite the eventful day.  Retired RV life is totally for me. OUR WEEKEND CAMPING TRIP ALL OF OUR CAMPING ACTIVITIES AND A FUN CAMPING GAME Hope you don’t mind the grain.

Do you like camping?
Have a sore loser boyfriend like me?
Did you spot the fluffy dog?

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Written by Christina and Tim

4 thoughts on “Our camping adventure-ish day….

  1. Janelle

    Okay now I fully understand why your phone dies daily… you have an addiction!

    I’m not big into camping because of mosquitoes, bugs, and wearing contacts. But if you didn’t spend the nite, you got the best of camping without some of the annoyances! Your relative is a genius for going the RV route. heh. Sounds awesome!

    1. Christina Post author

      Hahaha…oh for sure! I am always on that stupid thing….which is why I can’t understand how I always lose it!!!

      She is amazing, I am not sure I could condense a lifetime of stuff into a 31′ RV but she did it. She gets to see so many amazing things and has a ton of new friends 🙂 It is a neat life that is for sure.

      Funny story about bugs. I attract mosquitoes like keRazy, so I lather in bug spray. I had a nice glossy sheen going when we sat at the picnic table for some home cookin….well my bug sprayed legs took off ALL of the pretty designs on her table cloth. My legs looked like a Monet piece and her poor table cloth looked like someone took an eraser to it!!!! Who knew?!?!

      1. Janelle

        Actually that happened to us over the weekend!!! Makes you wonder what kinda crap is in the bug spray, right? eeeek! You are just too sweet 🙂 Also, I normally wear pants instead of relying on bug spray. I have gotten 20+ bites on my legs multiple times in my life and it makes me pretty much want to die. Pants save me from death wishes 🙂

        1. Christina Post author

          Yea, people always make fun of me because if there is a mosquitoe within a ten mile radius I am getting bit. I have had people yell at me before because, “it’s March there is no way mosquitoes are out, you’re lying” and then ten minutes later I showed them the war zone that happened on my arm!!! Seriously, what are those mosquitoes good for?!?!?!?!


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