Make Monday Matter.....don't honk

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We had such high hopes this weekend…such big plans.  Instead, we just sat at the window watching the rain wash away our big-project plans.  I hope your weekend was more fun and less wet than ours.  Maybe you were sipping Mojitos on the beach, and if you were why didn’t you bring us with you?

Today’s challenge seems like just a nice gesture, but there’s a bigger picture. MONDAY 24 Get this, sounds is measured in decibels (dBA) and of course there are different levels.  Normal conversation is about 60 dBA unless you are laughing with Fran Drescher.  That noisy restauraunt will run you about 85 dBA.  Your car horn is typically around 110 dBA.  At 110 dBA, the maximum exposure time is 1 minute and 29 seconds before hearing damage occurs.

Yea, you can damage people’s hearing with car horns.  We have all heard that hearing loss is starting younger and younger, thanks in part to blaring tunes in your ear buds to drown out all that other noise.  Did you know that 28 million people have impared hearing caused by noise?

So today, give your horn a break unless you are in some serious danger.  No friendly good-bye honk.  No HEY I am here honk.  No YOU ARE AN INSANE DRIVER honks…just blow them a kiss as you drive by.

Are you a honker?
What is the honkiesthorniest…ummmm nevermind.
Ever been to Philly?  They honk a lot.

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Written by Christina and Tim

2 thoughts on “Make Monday Matter…..don’t honk

  1. Janelle

    My boyfriend has hearing loss from Army crap and I have super sensitive hearing so we’re an interesting combo. I swear I say multiple times a day, “dude, I’m right next to you. Turn your mouth down a bit.” haha

    Also, if you lived in Philly, you’d honk a lot too for being so close to Jersey! (ha… that is a classic joke round here that can be inserted with anything as long as Jersey gets blamed)

    I will pass on honking unless I see a “Honk if you love Tim & Christina” sign!! Then I’m goin crazy with the honker 😉


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