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Hey everyone, thanks for all the birthday wishes yesterday!  You sure know how to make a girl feel warm and fuzzy.  You da, you da best.

Speaking of the best…I have so many things I am gushing over lately.  With the weather turning and T wanting to spend more time outdoors, it finally feels like a new season.  The season of beach towels and mosquitoes, here are some of my June favorites. hers 1.  I go through sunglasses like Miss Swift goes through boyfriends.  I love the dainty, vintage, “bug-eyed” sunglasses of yore.  These are just my style, until I lose them.  Or sit on them.  Or Asti steals them.

2.  Ohhhh beach towels, my summer weakness.  I am a little particular when it comes to my beach towels.  I like them very long and extra wide, enough to wrap around me twice.  I like them soft and plush, colorful and fun.  This one meets all of those requirements and more.

3.  This facewash showed up in my Birchbox a couple of months ago, I recently put it in the shower and started using it every couple of days.  Wow.  My face is so soft and all those stupid little bumps that aren’t quite zits are disappearing.  I even talked T into trying it, and now we have to throw down for a jumbo quart of it.  I hope they make it that big!

4.  Tis the season right?  This summer I finally got an aloe plant.  I have very fond memories of my gramma slathering aloe straight from her plant on all my boo-boos and sunburns.  I thought it was time I had a plant of my own.  Gramma would be proud.

5.  Mosquitoes love me.  Seriously, if there is a blood-sucker within a twenty-foot radius….they try to eat me alive.  So if you guess that my summer perfume has a hint of citronella you’d be spot on.  These candles are adorable, don’t come in a bright yellow tin, and keep the bugs away.  Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

6.  Gwynnie Bee is an online clothing rental company for girls that have some curves.  I love wearing dresses and hate buying them because I think you can only wear them ever so often.  Now black pants…I can wear those every single day without anyone noticing.  My kelly green wrap dress, not-so-much.  I love that they have so many options, and that they are flattering when you aren’t a size 2.  Not hating on you teeny girls, you rock those cute dresses that my boobs won’t fit in!  On top of having cute clothes delivered to your door, they even let you try the service for a month.  My month is almost up and I am seriously bumming!

Take it away Timbo…. HIS 1.  Christina’s mom got her a huge bag of fruit tootsies, and I have been chowing down.  I told her I was just checking to make sure they are all fresh.

2.  Ever since my girlfriend made me switch out a few of our lights for CFLs I have been changing them out left and right.  When we go to Lowe’s I pick up a pack and try switching out one room at a time.

3.  One day we grabbed a bottle of this pre-made margarita from Costco and now it is our go-to summer drink.  No more measuring out the alcohol and having a sticky mess while pouring shots.  Not to mention that after a cup or two of this, you will be feeling pretty loose.

4.  With all the yard work we have done, this pickaxe has become my go-to tool.  The previous owners of our home had an affection for rock and concrete, and thanks to them I am getting some serious muscles.

5.  My favorite hat.  I have had it forever and still love it.

6.  Christina sent me this article from Single Dad Laughing.  This guy is hilarious, and it is nice to find other bloggers on my side of the gender fence.  Would you believe that I never read blogs until I met Christina.

7.  I really want a bike.  I really want to cut some trails.  I really want to be outside.  I really need a helmet.

What have you all been digging this month?


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Written by Christina and Tim

8 thoughts on “His + Hers Favorite Things….June

  1. Trisha D.

    I am such a sunglasses junkie. Up until a year or so ago, there was this strange leprechaun that sole them or secretly stomped on them when I was asleep. Somehow (maybe it was a case of bad breath) I got him to surrender and now I may have a pair to wear everyday for two weeks.

    For real though, since so many were sacrificed I had the mentality that they weren’t coming home unless they were under $15 (unless they were just that cool).

    Anywho, let’s cut to the chase, do those candles really work? Because my leg looks like a serious case of the chicken pox from, I kid you not, 15 minutes of hanging outside during dusk.

    1. Christina Post author

      GIRL…I understand…I can’t spend money on sunglasses…because they all just end up lost!

      I am going to buy some of those candles and I will let you know.

  2. staceylew

    Ugh! Mosquitoes tear me up too. I read that it has something to do with your blood type, although I don’t know mine. Maybe I should get on that, stat.

    And, I LOVE that face wash. It really does smooth out my acne prone skin. It’s awesome.

  3. Sarah and Matt

    If I had the money I would have a million sundresses. Seriously, I freaking love them. They are comfy and cool which is needed in this GA heat and humidity. And right now I’m in love with hats. Especially floppy hats 😉

    1. Christina Post author

      Ohhhh I am loving the big floppy hats as well!!! Oh girl I was in Rome, GA a couple weekends ago and your humidity is INSANE! Hahaha I thought Missouri was bad but whoooo weee I was a sticky mess 🙂


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