Make Monday Matter....nineteen

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It should be pretty obvious that we love our pets.  Whether it is our perky little fish, lovable dogs, the duck Tim won’t let me have, or a bird that calls our porch home we have a spot in our heart for all of them.

Sometimes though, it is very easy to get wrapped up in the busy day-to-day schedule and skip those afternoon walks.  Or water changes.  Or building birdhouses.  There are days we feel like the worst pet parents in the world.  When we are glued to computer while our pups and fish cause a ruckus. love you pets Today we are making time for all of our animals (except that duck, sigh).  We are taking the pups to the park, making an extra special treat for our underwater friends and maybe even putting a piece of bread out for our bird friend.  You may in fact call that last one a bribe so that once there are babies in the nest I don’t get dive-bombed.

With everything that our animals do for us, the least we can do is make today a little extra special for them.  Tim has laid down the law though, no one is allowed anymore toys.  Something about no dogs should have three “toy boxes” and a closet, or whatever.  I’m just trying to keep them happy so they can go all Lassie later and call 911 when I am in trouble and then we can go on the Oprah show and win dog shows and junk.

Do you have any animals?
How do you pamper them?
Any advice on bribing birds?

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Written by Christina and Tim

10 thoughts on “Make Monday Matter….nineteen

  1. Trisha D.

    Wow, I can’t believe we were both planning a pet related post today. As usual, you’re way more on it since mine is about 50% complete.

    Anywho, no animals yet but I’m inching my way closer.

    1. Christina Post author

      Hahaha….great minds 🙂

      I think you should get a duck and then it can have babies and I will HAVE to take one and Tim can’t argue with me hahaha

      1. Trisha D.

        I had ducks as a kid, they were the best! We’ve actually talked about chickens, you know so we can sweet little yellow birds with fluttering feathers. That and fresh eggs. We have to find out if they’re ‘legal’ in our area. I would assume so since it’s a farming community, but you never know…

        1. Christina Post author

          Ohhhhh now I am scared to death of Chickens haha! My grampa had a bunch and they always attacked me…mean old birds. Tim wants chickens so bad but I keep putting my foot down, poor thing. His dreams of being self sufficient are dashed by his mean old girlfriend haha!!!

          Maybe if you get nice chickens it will change my mind….T will love you forever for that!

  2. Janelle

    Ah the perks of having cats… I easily spoil them every day with treats, purr time, and cuddles. I guess I could find something special to do for them though! Think they’d like watching Animal Planet tonite? haha


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