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We have been planting fools lately… polka dot planters Every chance we get we are throwing some plants in the ground.  New bushes in the front, herbs and flowers in the back like a landscaping mullet. planting fools I am really cautious about flowers in the backyard, because I have this thing with bees.  I am not afraid of them or anything, but if there is one within a twenty-foot radius…they feel the need to call my body their stomping grounds.  I have avoided planting anything that blooms until this year.

This year I am making a change, but a small one.  I am planting blooming flowers in pots, just in case they start calling all of their buzzing buddies.  Easily relocated, so they don’t wind up squished under a shovel later.

When I saw my friend Janelle’s cute terracotta planters, I started dreaming of a yard covered in overflowing pots full of sweet blooms.  Then I started dreaming of painted pots.  Then I bought pots, duh. paint your planters Painting them was unbelievably fast.  The terracotta soaked up that paint quicker than Lindsay checks out of rehab.  After just two coats of Pantone’s color of the year, these pots were ready for some spunk. making the planters polks dots I wanted these pots to be free-spirited since they would be outside getting filthy.  In other words, I didn’t want perfect polka dots that I would have to “spruce up” every time they got a little dirty.  To get that worn look I used the end of a foam roller.  You can find these in the paint section of your hardware stores, they usually say “for doors and cabinets” on them.  Soon they will say “for perfectly-imperfect polka dots”.

I let them dry overnight and then had a photo shoot of course. polka dot planters with no plants After my exhausting shoot with Giselle and Marissa, I told the pool boy to grab me a lemonade and got to planting.  Ahhhh sweet dreams, but I did plant. throw some dirt in your planter Thankfully, Tim de-wormed all the plants for me.  Kidding, but I didn’t find any so I’ll just tuck that panic attack away for later.

Once I had both plants comfy in their new little home I found a spot far, far away from anywhere I sit.  Come at me bees.  Just kidding, please stay away…save yourself. a pretty plante Aren’t they just the cutest?  I am so happy to be bringing oodles of bright summery color into our backyard.

Speaking of additions to our backyard, we got to dogsit this weekend.
Meet Whiskey. whiskey True Story:  When my dad “retired” he decided to go back to school, to dog school.  He spent a few months living away from home while training dogs to do things like track narcotics and run agility.  I’m super proud of him, and even prouder of that pup up there for being the most well-behaved dog in history.  I guess that’s what happens when you train a dog for hours upon hours.  Tim wants to steal him, and I wouldn’t be mad about it but my dad knows where we live.

Want to know what Whiskey was gawking at…. asti What a little prissy pants.

Have you been planting lately?
Deathly afraid of worms too?
Want to go to dog school?

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Written by Christina and Tim

20 thoughts on “DIY pretty polka dot planters…

  1. Janelle

    These turned out so awesome! I of course love the colors, as you already knew. I would love to fill my backyard with planters minus the plants. haha. I hope the bees stay away from your hot bod!

    1. Christina Post author

      Hahaha…well Tim has plans to bring all sorts of critters to our backyard oasis. Including….dun dun dun….worms. Stay tuned.

      PS….I am bargaining worms and bees for a baby duck. Fair trade?

        1. Christina Post author

          Hahahaha what should I throw in? Building a duck habitat for me? maybe another puppy….maybe that golden doodle from back in the day haha…help me brain storm!

  2. rachel

    I love the Pantone color of the year, great color choice. I didn’t even know they made it in paint! Also, your site is so pretty, the pattern on the edge is so much fun, great job!

    1. Christina Post author

      I do too! I was so happy when they announced it was Emerald…and yea they sell paint testers of it at Lowes. I am already brainstorming what else I can paint 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!!!!


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