DIY Kate Spade kicks....

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I have been oogling the Kate Spade Keds for quite some time now.

There is one problem….I am cheap.  If I pay a pretty penny for shoes that cute then they are going on a shelf, not on my feet.  So I did what any cheap girl lusting after shoes does, I got another credit card.

Just kidding, I made my own.  In my favorite colors. DIY kicks I stayed on the lookout for a cute (and cheap) pair of white shoes.  Finally found a pair at Old Navy that were calling my name, in show tunes form.  How can I resist that? supplies Then I came home and got out Pantone’s color of the year paint, you may remember some handsome pots that got a makeover with the same paint.  The hardest part was finding something to make the polka dots with.  I ended up using a set of foam ear plugs that Tim keeps around so he can ignore my snoring.  What as if I actually snore, c’mon.

After about twenty minutes of dotting, I busted out the gold paint pen and glitzed up the toes.  Say ello to my new favorite shoes. DIY cute kate spade shoes I think they are fun and funky and perfect for all our summer shenanigans.

Even Asti approves. asti approved Have you ever made your own shoes?  When I was in eigth grade I took sharpies to a white backless pair, they were my favorite shoes for at least two months.

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Written by Christina and Tim

13 thoughts on “DIY Kate Spade kicks….

  1. Janelle

    I wrote on Chucks a lot in junior high/high school but I think that was out of boredom, not for style points. I love your new kicks! You are adorable my lovely lady.

    1. Christina Post author

      See Janelle, we were cool way back when haha!!! Although I was never cool enough to have Chucks…I just had off brand Payless shoes to write on hahaha. Maybe I should redeem myself and buy some cute Chucks now 🙂

  2. Janiece

    Where do you buy the pantone paint??? Love these – think I’ll make this a Wednesday craft activity with my three year old. He’ll love it!

    1. Christina Post author

      They have little samples at Lowes in the paint section. If you can’t find them I am sure they would be happy to mix some up for you! It is a gorgeous color. Have fun, send over some pictures….I’d love to see what you do 🙂

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