Remember the bathroom renovation....

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You know, the renovation we announced here and updated you on here.
Well, we have walls.  Yup, you heard it here first…actual walls.

Check out all the things we can cross off our list now. bathroom renovation we are getting there The electrical and plumbing is all finished thanks to Tim’s oh-so-handy stepdad.  We also have the bench built, a shower floor, and the drywall is up and at em.  I was upset about losing my foyer closet, but my excitement for steaming on the bench has quickly overshadowed that old closet.  Asti is pretty pumped too. bathroom renovation

Now we are getting to the really fun parts, but like everything fun in life…it is also the most expensive.  The tile I picked out originally was a white glass ceramic tile, but after reading several reviews about the difficulty of keeping everything straight while also going through a little sticker shock has us considering other options.  Like selling our first born.  Kidding…kind of.

Have you seen any amazing tile lately?
Want to know how hard it is to go from your own bathroom to sharing?
Been doing any fun renovations of your own?

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Written by Christina and Tim

12 thoughts on “Remember the bathroom renovation….

    1. Christina Post author

      Me neither! Now that we have pretty much nixed the original concept….I have no idea what it will look like haha!!! Should be interesting 🙂

  1. Janelle

    Damn, kids. I’m impressed. Are you helping or just providing moral support? I love the look of tile; don’t like the price. Perhaps sell a kidney instead of your first born?! 😉

    1. Christina Post author

      Ohhhhh kidney’s we have four of those already….PREFECT! Tile is just ridiculous….seriously.

      We are helping as much as we can, his step-dad has been amazing and wanted to get all the stuff we really couldn’t help much with (electrical and plumbing was pretty much a one man job although Tim helped as much as he could) done with a quickness. Once it gets to tile, paint, install I think we will be doing most of that ourselves. One thing I gotta say is our families are basically the best! The other day I told my dad we were thinking about siding/painting the exterior and he was all, “I can do it all while you guys are at work” sometimes they are just too nice! We just come from families that like to get their hands dirty as much as we do!!!!

        1. Christina Post author

          Yea, we talked about trying to do the plumbing ourselves (Tim works with plumbing A LOT thanks to all our fish tanks) but when his step-dad offered we knew he could get it done in half the time it would take us to google it! I won’t let anyone touch electrical that doesn’t have some fancy piece of paper saying they know what they are doing (and then I cut power to the whole house just in case haha) We have found that a good meal and a couple brewskis on the house generally do the trick 🙂

  2. Trisha D.

    I was wondering when another update would appear. Congrats all the prep work looks done! Good luck with your tile search. I totally get ya on the decisions, tile is a difficult beast.

    1. Christina Post author

      Seriously! I had no idea, I thought you just picked what you liked. Never thought about if it wasn’t in the budget or that certain tiles are more difficult to lay. Who knew!

  3. Simone

    Picking tiles has definitely got to be the hardest part but I do love your little bench. We’re now just starting to look at what we want for our new bathroom and man, it’s so hard making all those decisions…. Glad I have you for inspiration!

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