Make Monday Matter....thirteen

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Big news on the blogfront….we have made a very BIG decision recently.
We chose this Monday Matters to reveal our news in hopes that even just one of you will join us.  Or at least support us.

Recently, we have realized how dependent we are.  On our jobs, on our cars, on our iPhones, on just about everything.  We are constantly stressed about money and even more so about time…it makes us miserable.  For the last few months we have talked and talked (even hinting at it in this post here) about downsizing.  More recently about selling it all and being vagabonds.

So in case you can’t see where this is going… monday matter That’s right.  We are selling everything that can’t fit on our backs and going on an adventure.  For the first two years we have decided to join the Peace Corps to get our bearings and be a part of something greater.  You know, we want to be do-gooders and all that.  You should join us. why Think about it, never having to worry about going to work.  Never having to worry if you DVR’d Duck Dynasty or if you paid your water bill.  No dusting.  Just exploring.  Sounds great right? how So the real point is that obviously, blogging will take a back seat to our travels.

We want to keep the blog running to document our travels and keep our moms in the loop of where we are resting our heads that night.  Also, we’ve made so many amazing web-friends already and I can’t imagine not talking to them.  So have no fear the blog will be here, we just won’t be posting every day.

Obviously this is going to be a long process, and we will be keeping you posted on how well “selling everything to fund adventures” works out.  We are so excited and hope you all will continue to visit our little piece of the internet to say hi every once in a while.  We may even send you a post card from Africa….since that’s our first stop.  Eeekk I am excited.  Come at me antelope.

The hardest part will be not being able to bring home a bunch of souvenirs.  Happy April Fools my friends.  Although that would be a real dream for us, it is just not in the cards today.  Hope you are out pulling many pranks and reveling in this glorious holiday.  Love you suckers.


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Written by Christina and Tim

21 thoughts on “Make Monday Matter….thirteen

  1. sarah

    You just made so many questions run through my head! How can she afford that? How will she shower? What are her parents thinking? Will I ever see her again? Lol wow I was just played…happy April fools to me!!

  2. Darcie

    I’m a sucker– as a former Peace Corps volunteer, the only thing I could think of while I read this was that I hoped you realized you had to be married to get assigned to the same site. Geesh.

    1. Christina Post author

      Hahaha…it’s actually something we have talked about and would love to do but it’s little details like that which have been detering us. Have you ever written about your time in the Peace Corps? I’d love to read about it!!!

  3. Paula Bailey

    All Ive got to say is its a good thing April fools was behind this! I might of had to lock you two in the closet.

  4. Janelle

    Damn. I was so ready to be all “yeah, okay Christina. ha. ha. ha.” Then your womanly guilt got to you and you busted out April Fools. I bet if Tim had written this post, he would’ve let us believe you really were running off to frolic with jungle animals. haha.

    Oh and PS – Holy crap you have two Janelles that love you!

    1. Christina Post author

      Hahaha…it is SO FUNNY that you mention that because as I was writing it last night he was trying to convince me that I needed to leave it open and not tell anyone April Fools. I knew better, my mama would have been BLOWING up my phone because I set the stage at Easter by telling everyone, “we are thinking about moving…a BIG move…like majorly across the world move” and they all just said ohhhh no, whatever.

      Janelle…it’s a good name. Their should be a Janelle fan club and I can be the VP haha


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