Make Monday Matter....sixteen

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I hope you all had weather as pretty as we did here in Missouri.

Tim & I worked until every muscle in our bodies gave out to take advantage of the sunny skies and cool breezes.

I am sore y’all.  I can’t even lift my hand without all my muscles protesting their very existence.  I am going to start working out….tomorrow.  For today I will just bust out the Icy Hot and make our Monday mission an easy one. sixteen Did you know that a burglary occurs every fifteen seconds?  That means in the time it takes you to read all this jibberish, there will have been about 10 robberies.  Over half of those robberies happen during the day.  Don’t mind me I am just sitting at work right now worrying about those statistics.

I personally tend to be a worrier, so doors are locked and alarms are set and dogs are on guard.  So this came as a surprise to yours truly, a whopping 32 percent of robbers just walk in to burglarize you.  Yes, they just jump in your open window or stroll right through that front door you ol’ trusty Rusty.

I know there are a lot of wonderfully fantastic people out there, but there are also plenty of people with their eyes on your flat screen mmmkay.  Just lock up my friends, that’s all I am sayin.

Wait, I lied that’s not all I’m sayin.  Keep yourself safe first, but keep an eye out for your neighbors too.  Look for suspicious activity, maybe even join Neighborhood Watch and put one of those nifty signs in your window.  Talk to your neighbors, bake them cookies, and let them know when you’ll be out-of-town so they can keep their eyes peeled.

Tim & I have been working hard at getting friendly with our neighbors and attempting to bring back that sense of community that we remember from our flashlight tag days of yesteryear.  Although there have been no cookies baked yet.

Have you ever been robbed?  I have…twice!
Have a great sense of community?
Any tips on how to be a better neighbor?

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Written by Christina and Tim

2 thoughts on “Make Monday Matter….sixteen

  1. Trisha D.

    I’ve been robbed and it’s not very fun. It kinda stinks when you take all the precautions too. Hey but at least no one was hurt and that’s all that matters.

    I’d love to start a neighborhood watch. Although I think mine would think I’m crazy since we live in the middle of nowhere-ish. But hey creepers can come out of nowhere. Which always reminds me the creepy scene in When a Stranger Calls Back. It starts at about 5 minutes in.

    Ohh flashlight tag, that sounds like fun! We had Freeze Tag and Olly Olly Oxen Free (which I always pronounced Allie Allie Auction Free haha). My personal favorite was the classic Hide and Seek.

    1. Christina Post author

      It is not fun AT ALL!!! Mine both happened right after Christmas too so I lost lots of gifts, money and gift cards too. You know because normally I am broke 🙂 but they hit me right when it hurt!

      Living in the middle of nowhere would be awesome, but you’re right….doesn’t protect you from the creepers!

      I always liked kickball and red rover too!!! How fun 🙂


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