If only I were brave enough to free dive....

Posted by Christina // 4 Replies

I never knew this existed.

Now that I do, I am starting training.

Wait, nevermind.  This changed my mind.

Would you ever free dive into an abyss?

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Written by Christina and Tim

4 thoughts on “If only I were brave enough to free dive….

  1. Simone

    O my God…. How insane is that? I had seen documentaries about free diving before but I never knew so many died each year…. And as for jumping in an abyss…. I won’t even swim over one let alone dive into it!! Big dark holes below me…. Are a little scary!

    1. Christina Post author

      That’s what I am sayin! You don’t even know if a monster is down there….what if the lockness was just kickin back down there and you surprise him!!!! It was such a cool video though, makes me ALMOST want to try it haha (with scuba gear because let’s be real)


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