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This post was planned for the 15th, until the sickness brought me down.  Thanks for all the well wishes, it made my day a little brighter.  Kind of like Spring.

Spring makes Tim and I so excited, birds start singing and tulips start blooming.  Sure I can’t see anything through my watery eyes and people look at me funny when I can’t stop sneezing but it is all worth it to see new life peeking out of my surroundings.  Every year baby bunnies take up habitat in our back yard, so it would be impossible not to love this season even if I am an Allegra addict for a couple of months.

Allegra didn’t make our favorite things list, check back next month when we are knee-deep in pollen and mold.

I thought I would let my boyfran-man take the lead this time, just like salsa lessons. HIS 1.  Earlier this month Christina brought home a dog-approved birthday cake for our 12-year-old pit bull from Treats Unleashed.  They were enamoured with the cake and then we introduced them to Cheeburger treats.  They will do pretty much anything we ask to get their grubby little paws on those treats.  Two paws way up from this family.

2.  We used to use the pink Gain (look I am a guy, that is all I know) but a couple of weeks ago we picked up a new scent.  Can we help it if we are always drawn to anything with “ocean” “sea” “nautical” or “beach” in the title.  We really lucked out with Gain Ocean Escape, it smells amazing.  Enough said.

3.  I bought this Scott’s Sprayer a few years ago, and I bust it out every spring to spray our whole house for bugs without hand cramps.  As a bonus I also use it to kill all our weeds.  I just mix up my magic potions and spray away and since it is so easy, I am more likely to do it.

4.  I bought Ocean Nutrition’s Formula One Flakes to feed in between our feedings so that our fish don’t starve to death.  I am working on a post to show what goes into just feeding our tank….hint: it is a lot more than flake food.  Our fish seem to like it and I feel good about diversifying their diet.

5.  Christina enters blog giveaways like it is her job, most days she emails me links so I can enter also.  We never win, until Lauren held a giveaway for Monorail Studios.  You should have seen the chair dance when she found out she won, but then she did something totally unexpected.  She gave me her prize.  Expect to see that shirt real soon, she had ulterior motives. hers 1.  My new go-to photo app is AfterLight.  I love how easy it is to edit your photos, add cute filters and frames, and post to dang near all social mediums.  I use it almost everyday so it was worth all 99 pennies.

2.  At the beginning of this year I bought a five year diary.  I love keeping journals, but never have “time” to write in them.  This is so simple, one sentence every night.  I can’t wait until five years down the road when I can look and see what I was doing on April 17th for the last few years.  Sure I can’t get all “dear diary” in there but it is just enough to give the important snipits that I may otherwise forget.

3.  What is Spring without an adorable umbrella.  I always love Vera Bradleys patterns to brighten up a gloomy day.

4.  Lately my cuticles have been putting up a fight, a dry crackly fight.  After a tip from a local beauty queen, I have started putting cuticle oil on every night before bed.  Since you don’t wash your hands and touch “stuff” all day it allows the oil to really soak in and do it’s job.

5.  Be still my heart, have you ever seen a more perfectly charming shoe?  Seriously, I can’t stop staring at the new Kate Spade line of Keds.  I need every single pair, on my feet, at once.

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Written by Christina and Tim

7 thoughts on “His & Hers favorites….April

  1. Janelle

    Christina, Tim’s onto your womanly trickery!

    Really digging your his/hers dots circle part of the graphic. WHY are you not selling art on Etsy? Or making your own for the frame wall you teased us with and then got all “oooh something shiny” with the bathroom reno and have left your poor readers hanging for foreverrrr (approximately)!

    Okay the drama’s over for today. Love you guys! And your favorites!

    1. Christina Post author

      Hahaha…we have been moving at a snails pace. On everything!

      I have just been too wrapped up in nonsensical things 🙂 I am putting that frame wall at the top of my list…after our garage sale this weekend haha.

      I have made a lot of the art for the frame wall, just haven’t actually gotten it in the frames yet haha. You’ve got me motivated now!

        1. Christina Post author

          Hahaha…yea, we actually decided we aren’t ready. Last night we made the decision to do it next weekend so that this weekend we can prepare!!! The problem with the frame wall is guess what wall it adjoins to? The bathroom wall! So I am afraid to put any frames on it until the hammering is all done 🙂 But I will do an art update fo sho!

  2. Shelly

    Excitement – Gain is all we use on our laundry and I like to switch up the scents every once in a while, so I will defiantly have to check out the Ocean Escape scent the next time I go to Target.
    I love the one line a day idea! That would be such a good idea to do with Sam Sam right now. That kid says the funniest stuff on a daily basis and I cannot keep up with all of his hilarious comments. Last week he was walking around with one glove on (don’t ask, lol!) and I said, “Hey Michael Jackson, get over here and eat your dinner.” He looked at me with one hand on his hip and in his serious voice said, “I not Michael Jackson, I Sam.” All I could do was sit there and laugh. He is obviously still too young to know what I meant, but it was so comical how he corrected me and was dead serious about it. Oh the joys of parenthood – lol!!

    1. Christina Post author

      It is so funny that you say that because THAT is exactly where I got the idea. A girl I know had one of these and every day (she picks her daughter up from school) before she gets out of the card she writes down one thing her daughter said or did and then she is going to give her the diary on her 18th birthday. So Cute!!! It’s all the little things you don’t want to forget.

      We are Gain addicts too, and Tim is so funny…just this morning he was laying and smelling his pillow saying, “this is just so good…it smells like heaven” hahaha.

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