Everyone needs a punny tee....

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Christina is sick…real sick. Or so she says.

She was excited to be “on time” with our His & Her favorites this month, but then she decided to spend all night in bed. With a fever. Begging me to learn Photoshop and whip up two moodboards. Right.

I’ve been bedside with Sprite and crackers so maybe she won’t be so upset that her post isn’t up on time.

Hopefully this will make her feel better.


It is slightly inappropriate, but it is fully hilarious. You can buy it in shirt form here.
P.S. that website has way too many funny shirts for way cheap.

Send Christina some well wishes so she has something other than soup to be excited about.

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Written by Christina and Tim

13 thoughts on “Everyone needs a punny tee….

  1. Janelle

    Aww Christina I hope you are feeling better VERY soon and not just trying to get out of housework! 😉

    Tim aka Best Boyfriend Ever, take good care of my girl!

    1. Christina

      I feel a bit better today, still have a massive headache and stomach ummmm issues…but the fever is gone thank goodness. It’s funny because he told me he wrote a post and the first line was “Christina is sick, thanks to the five loads of laundry staring her in the face” but I didn’t want people to think we were dirty so I begged him to change it!!!! What, I hate laundry…it gives me fevers.

  2. Katie L

    I like this post….a LOT. Tim should post his awesomeness more often. Just saying. I hope you are feeling better! <3


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