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Don’t panic, there isn’t really a reason to Bug Out but we are going to talk about bugs today.  It’s inevitable that you will have to deal with pesky critters at some point in time.  As the temperature rises, so does the insect population.  I often feel like a warrior preparing for battle until I see that first mosquito or line of ants.   While insects do not scare me (unlike Christina) they can be quite bothersome.  We often have friends and family over to BBQ and hangout and cannot be surrounded by creepy crawlers all afternoon long.  I have put together a few tips to rid you and your home of these pests.

keep bugs away

This might be the most important one of them all.  Any food or water is an instant signal for insects to come and bother you.  If you are BBQing have foil on hand to cover any food items.  Spray off patios and decks and clean any tables or grills right after your guests leave.  Get a dog to scrounge up the crumbs (kidding, sort of) and try not to leave a sink full of dishes or cups of water hanging around.

I know you just got done partying like it was 1999 and the last thing you want to do is clean but it has to be done or you will wake up with insects taking over.

spray for bugs

Spray for bugs regularly.  There are some pretty inconspicuous insect repellents out there these days.  We use granular or spray treatments and have found both to be pretty effective.  Be sure to read all instructions especially for using products if you have kids or pets.  We like to spray inside and out a few times a year especially in the Spring.

bugs like leftovers

Pretty similar to the first one, but there are lots of things you can do to try and deter the insects.  Get a trashcan that seals in odors.  Keep counters wiped clean, foods sealed tightly, and the sink emptied of water. Clean and vacuum often and thoroughly.  If you have nothing inside your home that a bug will like then they won’t be there…it’s that simple.

keep the bugs out

Look for and identify any points of entry.  When we moved into our current home the previous owner had about 10 security cameras in place (paranoid much).  We removed every single one of them which left a nice hole in the siding.  We simply sealed them up with clear silicone…problem solved.  Look around doors, appliance entries, and windows especially.

I know most of these are common sense but a lot of folks don’t think about these things until it’s too late.  So what I am saying is bust the bug spray out this weekend and show those critters who is boss.

I hope these tips will help keep you insect free this summer!

Did you know Christina is terrified of worms?
How do you keep the bugs away?
Seriously, ask Christina about worms.

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Written by Christina and Tim

7 thoughts on “Bug Out…

  1. Paula Bailey

    I believe you are gonna be in big big trouble when Christina finds out you told the world about how she hates WORMS.

    1. Tim Post author

      I got her approval before telling everyone how much she hates worms haha. I was worried about getting in trouble.

    2. Christina

      I can’t even believe he said the word! YUCK YUCK YUCK

      He got a sneak peek of how deep my terror runs last weekend. I even told him, “look you are gonna see me freak out and then you MAY think it’s funny to throw a little defenseless work at me….but you will send me into straight up panic mode just ask my mom”

      He didn’t throw it, but he was a little freaked out by my freak out haha!

    1. Christina

      Hahaha…we were all over it last weekend. Tim literally did put his war face on and got all up in those cracks and crevices!!!

      Are brown racluses (whatever hard spelling word) as prevelant up there?

  2. Janelle

    Ew. Bugs. Ew again. Don’t even wanna talk about em!

    Last week I did our first official mowing of the season while my boyfriend double-fisted the bug spray. While still in uniform. Hilarious sight. Sergeant Exterminator!


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