Green, green, and more green...

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The other day I showed you my classy Irish gal outfit.
I also told you that I won’t be be rocking it.

As a holiday that highly revolves around the drinkity drank, I feel like these are more my St. Pat’s style.  Bring on the whiskey. get crazy

I feel like I need to own every single one of those tees.

For the sweeter little dumplings (you know the ones that I don’t have) there are tons of cute options.  I’ll take one of each.  Two of the toddler. little bits

Can I get a chubby leg warmers Amen.

Do you already have your parade attire picked out?
Hate getting pinched?

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Written by Christina and Tim

2 thoughts on “Green, green, and more green…

  1. Christina @ Floridays Mom

    Hahaha. Love this round up. John and I were just saying we have to get our gear for my in-laws annual corned beef and cabbage and Guinness dinner. Its one of my favorite holidays..for sure! I am struggling to find Colin something that isn’t too mature, but not baby like either.

    1. Christina Post author

      Ohhhhhh am I invited 🙂 That sounds like a blast!

      I had the same problem, it’s like for ages not-in-onsies-anymore to lets-get-wasted-and-kiss-strangers there is a big void! I liked the leprechaun disguise for an younger boy, I bet they could have some fun with that!


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