Go ahead and google that....

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Most days we have a few searches that leave us thinking, “what the what”.
Like can someone please tell me what the “gracie and mommy show” is.

It always amazes me how many different ways you can search our blog name.  You guys are impressive.

We shouldn’t get all the fun of decoding search terms…you should join in. google it So how did you find this little ol’ blog?

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Written by Christina and Tim

10 thoughts on “Go ahead and google that….

  1. theresa a.

    i found you guys after reading about your trip to the YHL book tour (which ps, i am still super jealous of, i had the thought to do that when I saw chicago was the closest city but never got around to planning it, so good job to you guys!)! i was so excited to discover that you are from st. louis, and that there is in fact a blogging scene here! don’t know why i never really looked before, but i am happy to have found you all. maybe i’ll get around to starting my own blog one of these days so i can join the club, your get togethers look so fun…:)

  2. Samantha

    I found you in Pinterest, following a link to cool free fonts, which gave me the courage to download my first free fonts (hadn’t trusted them before). And now you land in my inbox regularly and I actually read your emails (I have so many other blogs arriving that I just delete). But I always take the time to read what you say, I think it’s because I like all the pretty pictures used in them and I like your writing style.

    Keep up your great work xx

    1. Christina Post author

      Awwwww YAY! That is the best compliment EVER 🙂

      I was the same way with fonts (leary of downloading) and then T gave me the ok and I went downloading crazy. Just be careful with the sites you are using and I think it all turns out swell!

  3. Janelle

    My marketing/advertising heart just did a little pitter-patter for you. I love it when you talk search terms, baby. hahaha 😉

    I got to you two through YHL as well. And as you know, I have since nominated myself as T&C Fan Club Vice President. I take my position very seriously.

    1. Christina Post author

      Hold up wait a minute….deet dip doot doo doo beat down in it (or something like that)

      Nevermind, I was gonna be all Ohhhhh ADVERTISING BUDDIES but we have already talked about that when you spied the Ogilvy book…that’s right. Marketing fans UNITE!

      Hahaha, you crack me up! Fan club….pshhhh I WISH!

  4. Rachel

    Haha oh man, some of those things are pretty awesome! I think I clicked over here from A Beautiful Mess…? I was blog hopping. I know I’ve seen your blog before, though.


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