Did I mention I love St. Pats....

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Has anyone else been counting down the days since March 18th, 2012?

I am totally going to be as tacky as they come in every shade of green.
I may even break out my beer mug hat…reliving the glory days.

If I was slightly classy I may dress more like this. miss lady luck nails.bracelet.earrings.ring.top.shoes

For the girls that aren’t a teeny little thing (congrats to the ones that are) I found a really cute pair of green jeggings at JC Penny.  Bonus that they are super comfy and they have a rainbow of colors.

Would you get down with a disco ball shirt?
Do you have your outfit planned already?

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Written by Christina and Tim

6 thoughts on “Did I mention I love St. Pats….

  1. Janelle

    hahaha I was wondering if the hot bod came with those pants! Guess not. Sad. Instead I shall rock some of that nail polish. oh hellz yes. Loving that!

  2. Benji

    Geez, I leave too many comments…
    I have that shirt in silver, actually! Disco ball is right.. Yikes.
    But, personally, I wish I was curvier! I feel like I would look better in skinnies then. I, personally, am barely five foot and for the most part don’t have any real “shape” (at least not a pleasant one, ugh), so I just wear leggings.
    I’m glad you pointed out the ones from JcPenny, though! My favorites just had to be retired, and those pink ombre ones are calling me c;


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