We need you to decide.....

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Tim and I are at a stand still.

We have been working on a frame wall for a couple weeks now, and one of our sweet readers (hi Janelle) sent us some inspiration shots including a happy little print from Urban Outfitters.  I loved the print but I wanted to make it more sentimental by using one of our vacation photos as the backdrop.

Herein lies the problem….we can’t decide between two finalists.

Can you help? please vote We are going to print the winner in a gargantuan frame to showcase the “theme” of our frame wall.  If you haven’t guessed, the theme is adventure.
I can’t wait to get it done and show you more.

Both of those photos hold very special meaning to us, because they were two of our favorite places we have ever been.  Tim’s was taken in Camden, Maine and mine was taken in the mountains of Vermont.

Which would you choose?

I told Tim I would go with his if we could do colorful letters.  Oh I should mention that we are open to suggestions.  Just don’t be mean, if you hate it all then move along….or find me the Urban Outfitters print please and thanks.

Tim or Christina.  Christina or Tim.
Pick a side, any side.

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Written by Christina and Tim

27 thoughts on “We need you to decide…..

  1. Laura @ Heartbeat-At-My-Feet

    Hmmm, I gotta go with Tim on this one. I like the funky sideways “this,” and I like how the photo trails off mysteriously into the mist, like you don’t know what’s about to happen but it’s OK, because you’re together. (Am I reading way too much into this??) Here’s an idea…what if you did just the word “OUR” in a fun color, like bright pink?

  2. Julie

    I choose Tim. And I don’t know about the colored letters. Feel like it would take away the awesomeness of the picture.

  3. Brad @ MrWriteAway

    I love them both, but I’m leaning more towards Tim’s pick. Here’s why… I like how moody it is. It’s dark, but not depressing. It takes me there immediately and I can feel the misty fog and the slight breeze from the water, I can hear the rippling waves slapping the rocks. Don’t get me wrong! I like yours, too, but the other one is speaking to me… actually it’s kind of yelling at me. Everyone calm down. Hope this helps!

  4. Janelle

    First, thank you, and I had no idea I inspired such greatness! Or a duel between you too so uh, please feel free to NOT send me your couples therapy bill 😉

    Secondly, SO MUCH PRESSURE! I lurrrve Tim’s but I don’t think it’s as adventure-y looking as yours and I like that yours has color (you’re right about the ombre look. hot!) but I also like that Tim’s has “this” on its side. gahhh how to decide! Can’t they just have a photo baby and become one?

    I wish there was some way to incorporate both (to avoid those couples therapy bills! 😉 ) like Tim’s on the left with “this” in the rocks and yours on the right with “is our adventure.”

    Basically, I’m indecisive without knowing where this wall is and what other art will be having a wall party with this photo. #nohelpatall

    By the way, have you heard about the new Seesaw app? You can share a question with friends and let them vote. It’s pretty cool. https://seesaw.co/

    1. Christina Post author

      Hahaha, you are so cute! I had heard of the seesaw but I haven’t seen it in action….and now I can’t even remember where I saw it?!?!?!

      It’s kind of funny because T said last night, why dont we just use both of them. So now my brain juices are flowing 🙂

  5. Christina @ Floridays Mom

    At first glance I was instantly drawn to TIm’s, but I think its because I personally like the photo more. Having said that..it doesn’t speak ‘adventure’ to me the way Christina’s does. Her choice resins that adventure..living life the fullest feeling for me and is better suited for your chosen quote. So, here is my vote, Christina’s photo for the wall quote… but Tim’s choice also being a huge focal point of the wall (quote-less) because its really just a fantastic photo.

  6. Jillian Garcia

    I can’t believe I am going to say this since we all know Christina is my girl and all, but I prefer Tims pick {insert sweat palms, dont hate me Christina}!!! I do however think Christmas pick goes better with their current taste and home decor. 🙂

  7. Cher

    I like Tim’s version- The typography is more interesting than the other. Christina’s version, you miss a lot of detail because the words cover it up.


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