Our baby shark is running out of room....

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A couple months ago we bought a shark egg.

We didn’t have the best luck, but we shared this video with you a couple weeks ago when it was just a wee little lad.

Well he is all grown up now.

Granted, it is not the best video.

But you can see that he is quickly outgrowing his mancave.Which means….baby shark should be making an appearance soon.We have read that shortly before hatching you can find a hole in the egg where the shark has rubbed it’s nose.  No hole yet, but we have our eyes glued to this egg. 

The next part will be the hardest.  It is very difficult to get them to start eating, which we have heard can take up to two weeks.  Obviously this is the time for constant monitoring, I may just quit my job so I can shark-sit.  Oh that’s not okay?  Shoot.  Well, I will be a ball of nerves I am sure. 

And even with all the fish catastrophes we have had after I blog about them, I think baby shark will be an exception. Lots of photo shoots in this guy’s future.

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Written by Christina and Tim

4 thoughts on “Our baby shark is running out of room….

  1. junglefrog

    O how exciting!!! Sending good shark vibes your way in keeping my fingers crossed all goes well and you’ll have a glowingly healthy baby shark very soon… I can clearly see it move in the egg!

    1. Christina Post author

      Now it is growing at auper sonic speed….it is ALREADY bigger than it was in the video just two days after 🙂

      I am getting so nervous/excited/anxious/giddy/panicky haha


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