Friday Favorites....one four

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Oh who is ready for the weekend….we are.
That’s who.

I found this little gem of a Etsy shop the other day and had to share the brilliant watercolor art with you all.  I took several of their prints and combined them into one masterpiece.  I simply love the colors and the natural vibe to every piece.
river luna I can’t wait to get my hands on the sleeping deer print.

Did you know that there are some citrus fruits that are in season?  Yea me neither, but Emma from A Beautiful Mess made these beauties look like a plate of art.  Oh and delicious….she made them look delicious too. beautiful mess

My newest guilty please:  Grace Helbig’s daily vlogs.  She may be old news to some of you but her crude sense of humor is fresh and inspiring to these ears.  She has become my daily laugh….but I have been known to get sucked in and watch 17 videos in a row.  You’ve been warned. grace These are too cute not to share.  Go check out all of Ashley’s creations for her Winter Brunch.  She gives all of the recipes for savory little tasters sure to please.  I couldn’t resist the little snowmen….ughhhh this whole “eating healthier” thing is really cramping my style.

7thhouseonthe left

What good stuff did you come across this week?

Have the best weekend ever!

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