Do you believe in curses....

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I never did.  Until now.

Remember when I introduced you to little Dori?

Remember how the very day I introduced you….a vicious hermit crab decided she’d make a great dinner?

That was crazy right.

I sort of avoided writing about our little fish family after that for fear that it was some sort of omen to be all braggy about your fishies all over the interweb.

I finally convinced myself, after not losing a fish for months….that I could introduce you all to our lovely new Kole Tang.  I mean, Coon had been in our tank for about two months and his ich was clearing up and although he was a finicky eater I was positive that he was Rocky Balboa strong.  I was positive y’all.

Then I got this phone call…. coon is dead I mean….is this real life?

So we have a dead coon.
I guess I was asking for it when I named him after road kill.
But what a bummer.

Do you believe in curses?

 Should I never write about another fish again?

 I am scarred fo life.

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Written by Christina and Tim

6 thoughts on “Do you believe in curses….

  1. Janelle

    Well that is depressing. I know nothing about fish but I’m thinking next fishy gets named something like “The Immortal Fish That Will Live Forever And Ever And Ever.” Then you’ll really know the truth about a curse!

    1. Christina Post author

      I know…what a heartbreaker! It’s so weird that they wait until a day after I post about them to croak….seriously guys, you’re making us look bad. Hahaha…poor fishie.


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