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I do believe everyone has caught on to the awesomeness of thrift shops.
Macklemore has helped, but so have DIY blogs.

The blogs that inspire you to take on the horrid dresser and paint it kelly green and change out the hardware and voila it’s gorgeous.  Oh c’mon it’s just that easy, right?  Yea right.

Obviously I was delighted when one of my favorite blogs decided to host an unofficial thrifting challenge. gone thrifting The challenge was to basically live out the song…if you have ever seen the video then you know I was dying to run across the recliners.  All for the challenge of course, but T wouldn’t let me.  What a buzz kill.

There was also a scavenger hunt to find the things they rap about.
I wish we would have tried harder for fringe and green gator boots. scavangers our finds yup I would say we did pretty good finding all the randomness.

We also found a couple other favorites, look at my boyfriend wiggin out.
He was so excited about that oversized hand. t's favorite My favorite find was a little more realistic…and if I would have known that a nice clean person took care of these before me then we’d be eating off them tonight.  But there wasn’t a full set and what if a hoarder used to own those in a drawer full of cat poop?  These are the things that go through my head people.

my favorite On top of finding all those sweet spoils….we stayed under budget too.
I think those are Tim’s favorite words, “under budget”.
cha ching So what did we splurge our $18.98 on?

Well, as much as I loved that pink suit….it did not make it home with us.

blingin vase the star trivets gold serving set I have big plans to jazz up most of that stuff.  Especially the vase and utensils.

What thrift store gold have you found lately?

Written by Christina and Tim

A whole new nook....

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So not too long ago, we decided to put some parallel lines in our life.

Since we spiced up our livingroom I have laid on the couch dreaming of more stripes….stripes everywhere.

I finally convinced T that our wall of stripes needed a little sister.

Enter nooky-foyer stage right. before I know what you’re thinking…a whole lot of boring.

You know what fixes boring.

But did you notice who was busy in that foyer? little overachiever What a little overachiever.  Time to bust out my dust rag.

So after a little striping action thanks to my boyfran-man, we were left with a whole new nook.  A not-so-boring nook.

Enter freshity fresh new nook rising from the rafters or something. after I once again have to apologize for Winter…she is doing nothing for my lighting in photos so say hello to shadows and glares.  Oh and those mismatched knobs that are still stealing the show….well they are on their way out too. details

One of my goals for 2013 is to take a photo-styling course.  I promise I will get better at this friends, I promise.  Pinky.

Are you as down with stripes as I am?  I am now thinking our bedroom needs some vertical action.  Stripes are going to be taking over in these parts.

Written by Christina and Tim

This weekend was a complete whirlwind.
The highlight was visiting Ces & Judy’s for our monthly STL Bloggers meet up.

The fine folks at Ces & Judy’s slaved all day in the kitchen, and boy am I thankful.  I kind of wish they would move in and make me delicious food all day.

Oh wait, you didn’t know that Ces & Judy’s did more than cater?
It’s okay, neither did I.

Get ready to be amazed, and slightly jealous because I totally parade our good eats all over this post.  Hope you’re not hungry. call jenna The amazing Jenna Stratman hosted our little shindig and was even sweeter than the brownies they fed us.  I was so excited to see the venue part of Ces & Judy’s since it was completely renovated last fall. the entry

My favorite room was the round room.  It was so cozy and architecturally interesting.  And can I tell you how happy I am to not see red and gold tacky carpet.  You know what I am talking about, right?

Thank goodness when they remodeled, Ces & Judy’s went with a more neutral look.  I’m just saying brides….this will totally go with your colors, no matter what they are.  Ces & Judy’s has got your back. round room Rachael from was better prepared than I was.  I completely forgot all cameras AND business cards, social networking queen right here.  the details The whole venue was stunning, but here’s what took my breath away. the menu ohbloggers now I am hungry dessert Oh that food was so magically delicious.  Minus the leprechaun.

If you remember the baby shower I planned then you know I am all for letting someone else doing all of your cooking and cleaning.  It is just so much easier, and I am putting Ces & Judy’s on my party places list.

Now who can I throw a party for?

A huge thanks to the St. Louis Bloggers and Ces & Judy’s for throwing such an amazing event.  While Jenna did offer us a free meal for posting about their lovely space the thoughts and praise are all my own.  Especially about that carpet, thank goodness for non-tacky carpet.

Make sure you check out all our awesome St. Louis Bloggers.
Yokasta, JillClare, Courtney, Katie, Jenny, Karen, Rachael, Ashley.

Written by Christina and Tim

It is my little sisters twenty-first birthday today.

When did that happen?
When did time switch into warp speed?

When did my baby sister…. my little baby

Become my best friend? little bit is all grown Happy birthday Leika.
Be Good.

Written by Christina and Tim

Hey y’all…hope your weekend was fantastic.  We have been unbelievably busy these days with birthdays, crafts, and adventures.  It has been a total blast and I can’t wait to share everything with you.

While life has handed us many blessings and the laughs have been plentiful my mind often wanders to something a little more serious.

Hurricane Katrina was almost eight years ago, can you believe it?  I remember the chaos like it was yesterday.  I remember how unprepared everyone, including the government was.  For a very long time I thought that Katrina was a once in a lifetime event.  Then came Hurricane Sandy.

People were without food and water and crying out for help.  It broke my heart.

I realized that Tim and I are totally unprepared.  And we live on a fault line.  And every year I freak about tornadoes.  And then there was the flood of 1993.

And then I read One Second After. prepping Make a plan, and get prepared.  If nothing else just run by the store today and buy a couple of gallons of water, a first aid kit, some flashlights, blankets, and rice.

Tim and have recently started collecting dry food goods and water, and we have a spot in the basement for emergency supplies.  We have made a plan to buy a gallon of water…which by the way is only eighty cents….every time we go grocery shopping.  With it being so cold outside, we are both putting a candle and blankets in our car.

We obviously hope we never have to use any of it, but having a plan today will help reduce panic if anything were to happen.

Written by Christina and Tim

You should know by now that anything I see even remotely nautical makes my heart go pitter patter.  Gimmie a lobster and I am done for.

So imagine my surprise and delight when this…. il_570xN_383545953_q9vn turned into this…. PILLOW HEAVEN How gorgeous are all of those pillows.  Jolie Marche has like…every animal you can imagine plastered all over beautiful pillows.  I can just imagine our bedroom now, overflowing with these pillows. I might even jump on one of them and sing, “Under the Sea”.  Darling it’s better, down where it’s wetter take it from me.  I dare you not to have that song stuck in your head now. instawall Holy ahmazing.  Elsie made a repeating pattern of her favorite instagram photos and plastered them all over her office walls.  What a beautiful tribute to the everyday lovely.  I love it….I love it a lot. juicin queen

Seems like everyone is jumping on the juicing train…I’m all about it so chooo choooo.  I really want to start adding more veggies than fruit, since the last thing I need is more sugar in my system.  Here are some great tips and the prettiest pictures, time to start hoarding jars. lace hoodie Ohhhh Emma, you make everything look so easy.  Taking an old hoodie and making it sassy and fresh by replacing the tattered front with some dainty lace.  You had me at sassy.

What did you find out there this week?

Written by Christina and Tim