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I have often been told like to think of myself as an awesome gift giver.

When it comes to stockings, there are tons of “gifts for him” ideas but they never feel right.  Probably because Tim doesn’t need cufflinks, he’s not so much an artsy type, and if he needs anything techy he probably already bought it.  Not to mention how many $20 gifts fit in a stocking….too many.

Here is my version of a perfect boyfriend stocking.
For your average-next-door-kinda guy.

I should note that our stockings could fit a baby elephant, so I have to have enough presents to fill that bad boy to the brim.  He is so spoiled.

Tim…you can avert your eyes now.  Mmmmkay. mmm stuff it stuff his stocking

Almost everything above can be found at your local convenience store.  A favorite new movie, a couple magazines, and fun socks will all put a giant smile on his face.  I love throwing scratchers in a new wallet for an added surprise.

Boys don’t like buying stuff like chapstick…but they love when you buy it for them.  Just steer clear of shimmer and tint okay ladies.  Throw some manly deodorant or toiletries in for a squeaky clean boytoy.

You seriously can not go wrong with gift cards, although sometimes they seem impersonal.  Guys love apps and they love music, but I would rather buy an iTunes gift card than try to stock up his iPod.  What Lady Gaga doesn’t make you bust out the brush-microphone honey?  Speaking of iPod’s…make sure you pick up some techy gloves.  Best investment I have ever made, toasty fingers even when I’m texting.

Favorite candy and mini bottles of booze, better than a clementine amiright?

My favorite thing to put in a stocking is tickets to some sort of event we can go to together.  It’s like I am secretly giving myself a present too.  Since Tim usually thinks he is just getting undies and candy in his stocking he never expects this little gem.  Baseball tickets are the best…go Cards!

What do you put in your man’s stocking?
Tim sure would appreciate more gift ideas!

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Written by Christina and Tim

4 thoughts on “Stuff his stocking….

  1. Lydia

    Oh my gosh, I absolutely love this! You are an awesome gift giver, I must say. These are great ideas for a stocking for a guy, though they could be actual gifts too haha. Tim is spoiled! 😉 I always have problems trying to figure out whether to get one bigger gift and then some little things like what you’ve listed, or multiple smaller gifts…what’s your plan of attack, or does it vary? This definitely helps though, so thank you! 🙂

    1. Christina Post author

      Last year I went a bit crazy…I did the Twenty Five days of Christmas for him. My credit card is still sore from last year 😉

      This year I am sticking to a couple smaller good gifts as opposed to one big one. Last year I bought a smoker and it’s awesome but he gets much more use out of some of the smaller items that I knew he wanted. I think you should mix it up every year though so you keep him guessing 🙂

  2. junglefrog

    Ooo you just remind me that I have to see that movie Ted still. I think it’s great by what I’ve seen so mmm, maybe it would make a great Christmas present for Tom. There is usually a lot of dvd’s involved, some stuff for his fishing hobby and ha, a new wallet too! Gotta start shopping before its too late!


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