My childhood was missing something...

Posted by Christina // 8 Replies

And that something is a photo of me…with Santa….and a face full of horror. hi santa weve got a screamer tim is a scardey cat i am a cheese head i promise you this Mall Santa’s you have been warned.

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Written by Christina and Tim

8 thoughts on “My childhood was missing something…

  1. Julie

    I am smiling in all of mine too. I don’t even think Phil cried. Now Jena, that’s a different story, there are a lot of her screaming her head off.

    1. Christina Post author

      I’m so jealous. Tim and I were theorizing about why I don’t have a screaming Santa photo, here is what we came up with:

      a) my mom was so ashamed that she plucked me off Santa’s lap before they snapped a photo
      b) I was taken to so many Santa’s as a child that I thought he was a relative
      c) I will do anything for presents, even as a newborn

      I love those old photos though, we were all such cute kids with such awesome fashion sense.


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