Houston....we have movement

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 Remember when we bought a baby shark egg?

Remember when it cloned itself?

 Well, we are happy to report that we have movement.

In the effort of keeping it real I will not let you believe we are little shark whisperers over here.  We bought one…it was a dud.  We bought a second and it still hasn’t moved.  So we did what any desperate wanna-be-shark-parents would do and got another.

We are really lucky to have an outstanding local fish store that stands by their products and let us bring the dud back in.  Holler for good business.

They say the third time is a charm, our fingers are crossed that you all aren’t making that up.  I will say it is like watching a little miracle when we watch it swimming in there.  Now I know how all you expectant mama’s feel at your ultrasounds….kinda…sort of….not at all.

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Written by Christina and Tim

3 thoughts on “Houston….we have movement

  1. Jenn

    How much did you pay? I have never had a shark but I did have a string ray for a little bit until he kept trying to jump out of our tank, so I took him back to our pet store. I had a very original name for him too.. Irwin haha. Figure the shipping part out for your sister site! 😀

    1. Christina Post author

      Ohhhhh I want a sting ray so so so badly! We have come across a few but we just don’t have the right amount of room for them to frolic…maybe one day we can turn our basement into a whole stingray habitat!!! Too much?

      I love the name Irwin, that’s pretty funny. I am glad I am not the only one who names everything.

      Our shark egg was $50…each time…so we made a nice little investment. I gotta tell you though, I get so excited every day to come home and watch him swim!

      I am yelling at Tim to get the shipping in shape 🙂

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