Friday Favorites - twelve seven

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Holler for the weekend y’all. Do you have any big plans?

I am hosting a cookie bake with a couple of old friends. Think lots of wine and convincing my pregnant best friend – who will not partake in the wine consumption – that her little boy needs this. Seriously, how adorable would that be in a kids room?
I mean a map AND dinosaurs…it couldn’t be any cooler.

Want to know what else captured my heart this week…well since you asked. I am totally dumbstruck by this dining room.  Why have I never thought of taking different chairs and painting them all the same color like they did over at A Beautiful Mess.  It just works….and now I am collecting chairs. I am really nervous about making my own reindeer ornament, but Miranda from One Little Minute makes it look so easy.  If you get these as a gift this year, well you can thank Miranda. You know how you always hear things like, “Today is mustard appreciation day, enjoy”.  Well here is a whole calendar devoted to those quirky holidays.  I am all about that Peanut Butter Lover Day…I think I will throw a party next year. Isn’t everyone jumping on the gold-lovin train these days?  How about taking something totally unexpected.  Like your child’s broken robot and making it all fancy like they did over at Dos Family.  So glam…so unexpected. My best friend forever blogger friend Roo just launched an awesome line of paper goods…and gangster notebooks.  Buy them all because they are almost as awesome as she is.  Holler.

What did I miss this week?
Did you read an inspiring article?
Find the best DIY project?
Let me know.

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Written by Christina and Tim

6 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – twelve seven

    1. Christina Post author

      RIIIIIGHT! I mean seriously….my inner 7-year-old little-boy (wait that is totally weird)….how about the little tomboy inside of me is screaming…GET. THAT. NOW.

  1. Carrie

    What a creative dinosaur map! I can’t wait until our fiancee and I have children… I’d love decorating the nursery and going shopping! 🙂 I’m a shopaholic by the way, lol.

    Cute line of paper. BTW, I love your background pattern!

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Christina Post author

      Hey Carrie….I am the same as you, I want kids just so I can decorate a little nursery. And then a “big kid room” and then yell at the when they want to paint the walls lime green.

      I totally painted my walls lime green when I turned 13…I don’t know how my mom let me get away with it. Then I decided that I hated the color so I plastered Teen Bop pages all over the walls!!!

      Thanks for stopping in…sorry for rambling hhaha!!!


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