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Well, we made it.

We survived the Mayan destruction.
You should pat yourself on the back.
You are a survivor.

Now reward yourself with some eye candy. im pine-ing over these

My whole Christmas list has just been replaced with all the loveliness found here.
I am literally “pine-ing” over it all.  Someone get me a drool cloth.

Onto my last Christmas edition of Friday Favorites….I might cry. one charming party That banner is amazing, especially with the little bells stringing along.  The best part about this festive banner is that you can make your own.  The printables are all yours here.
the ivy cottage

I am not sure what I love more…the colors or the creativity of using ornaments and a screen door to make a beautiful tree.  I am now on the hunt for screen doors. dimples and tangles

Oh my adorable, talk about an awesome gift for a teacher or neighbor.  Using all of those scrabble pieces and some pretty ribbon you can have the cutest ornaments on the block. pleasureinsimplethings

Look at those tusks….are you in love.  Would you believe it is just a recycled toy and and old book?  Put a little time and love in and you just made the best gift ever for your bookworm friend.  I really love all the up-cycling going on in the blogosphere lately.

What did you find on the web this week….anything good?

Written by Christina and Tim

Our dream tree...

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As we mentioned in this post right here, our tree is more of the sentimental type.  Full of memories and handmade ornaments.

You better believe we admire all the “pretty trees” though.

Lately I have been daydreaming of a woodsy-type sitting in our living room.
Complete with the “fresh lumberjack” scent and all. our winter woodlands Can you see an overage of burlap, lace, and white fur. 

I always see that white fur trimming at craft stores and I think it would be a perfect garland replacement.  Along with most everyone I have been admiring those bristle critter ornaments and I envision yarn balls and cotton string wrapped around our giant frosted hunk o’ tree.  Top it off with an owl and some homemade lovebird art and I think you have a woodsy wonderland.

What does your dream tree look like?

Written by Christina and Tim

Every month we highlight all the things we have been loving.
You can find all of our previous months here.

Even though I am Christmas obsessed, I kept it pretty kosher for our favorites. hers 1.  This time of year, my hair has a mind of it’s own.  It seems like most products for hair get crunchy or weigh my hair down.  The worst offense is when product make me look like a greaseball.  Aveda’s Be Curly products give me the “oh my hair is naturally this perfect and I wake up with it looking like this of course” hair.  I like effortless you know.

2.  I got this nail polish in my Birchbox a couple months ago and I have been wearing the heck out of it.  It looks like foil on your fingers and it is perfect for this time of year.  That little bit of glitz you need when you can see your breath.

3.  Matching gloves and scarves are like a weakness.  How often do you get to wear functional accessories.  I’m not kidding Joules always has something cute and bright to gawk over.

4.  I bought this ring during a “Cute Stuff Sale” hosted by none other than my girl Roo.  After a lot of post office drama, the owner of Proteales was so sweet and made sire I got this adorable little seashell on my finger.  Her store is chock full of dainty jewels that make perfect gifts.  I can’t wait to get a few more to stack along with my little shell.

5.  I am a firm believer that snowboots can be totally adorable.  I mean who wants wet shoes, and why wear those poofy lace-ups your mama used to strap on ya.  I am loving the ribbon on the back of these wellies.  I am thinking that could make a really awesome project for next weekend.

6.  I am so utterly in love with these little peppermint kisses from Hershey.  I could really eat them all day long.  All.  Day.  Long.

his 1.  Phosphates are one of the most important water parameters to check when monitoring your tank.  This Phosphate checker makes life a whole heck of a lot easier and it is more accurate than most chemical tests.

2.  Christina has me reading the book “One Second After” and don’t worry she is already writing a post to recommend it all to you.  It is a great book, but it really gets you thinking about some unpleasant things.  Like the world ending, so maybe wait until after the 21st to read it.

3.  You guys already know how much I love mining shows and anything that shows on the History Channel, so it should come as no surprise that I already like this show after watching just one episode.

4.  Check back to number two and you will understand why we just invested in “bug out bags” to be prepared for basic emergencies.  We are on one of the largest fault lines and between the book and recent hurricanes we started a little food and water stockpile just to be on the safe side.

5.  I got an LED flashlight from my awesome gal for Hanukkah.  I had no idea how bright they were and the fact that they are super light and the bulbs last forever are really just bonuses.  Go get you one.

What about you all…got any favorites for December we should know about?

Written by Christina and Tim