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Remember Beatrice?
This broad is all over the holidays.
Can’t wait to see what else she will come up with.

Apologies in advance for the terrible phone photos.
I get excited and forget about cameras.

Written by Christina and Tim

Happy Friday my friends…hope you had a totally rockin Turkey day.

Isn’t that such a great message?
I really want to hang that everywhere in my home just as a reminder.
You too?  Well, you can buy it here.


This time of year I am always quick cleaning.

Never tuck a napkin in your shirt again….class it up.

Can’t wait to put our tree up, now I want to record it.

I’m dying over this Etsy Store…I need it all.

I need to learn to sew, but until then I’ll just make a sewing kit.


If you are shopping today, may the force be with you.
If you aren’t, may the margaritas be plentiful.

Written by Christina and Tim

Giving Thanks....

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I hope you all have the best Thanksgiving ever….

This year we have more than ever to be thankful for.

Thank you so so so much for visiting us here at Homemade Ocean.
We are all so thankful for you!

Written by Christina and Tim

Earlier I showed you some ideas for hostess gifts.

If you are wanting to make something handmade and sweet, why not give them “cookies in a jar”.

I know these are all over the net, but they are insanely popular for a reason.
Everyone loves getting and giving them.
Not to mention, you probably have all of the ingredients.

I even made them for a bake sale and they sold like tv’s on Black Friday.

I used this recipe, and even made the cookies to make sure they were tasty.
Spoiler alert:  They were delish.

Have you ever made these?  I love seeing everyone’s creativity when making “cookies in a jar”.  Have you ever made them?  How did you jazz up the jar?

Written by Christina and Tim

Are you all ready for Thanksgiving?

If you are one of the lucky ones that gets to attend instead of host this year make sure you show the little host some love.

Don’t show up empty-handed, because everyone loves a gift.  My go-to gifts have always been a bottle of wine or a fall candle but I think I am going to step out of the box this season.  Here are some of my ideas for all the great people slaving over deviled eggs for me this year.

1.  Bringing something they can use right away is genius in my eyes.  Check out this adorable butter knife that says “spread the love” because isn’t that what this time of year is all about.

2.  If you are pretty close with the hostess and you know their favorite recipe, why not turn it into a gorgeous art print.  Mom’s famous cookies….my sister would love this.

3.  I can at least class up my usual bottle of wine by throwing it in a personalized wine koozie.  Tim’s wine loving mama deserves one of these bad boys.

4.  Tea towels are always a hit, and there are so many cute options.  I’ll host all day long if I get cute tea towels.

5.  Not just any plant, give them something to add some flavor to their kitchen.  Grow your own spice kits are so cute you could eat them up.

6.  I have a retro apron fetish.  Enough said.

The best part about all of these gifts is that they are small businesses.  Tim and I have vowed to only shop homemade and local for the holidays.  I am off to a great start.  Later today I will be sharing my homemade hostess gift, make sure to check back in.

What would you most like to receive if you are hosting?

Written by Christina and Tim