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Smack dab in the middle of our mile long to-do list…is a frame wall.

You know floor to ceiling frames covering the wall full of pretty prints, lovely photos, and sentimental art.  Apparently that takes patience.

Frames are not cheap, but we started collecting on our recent trip to Ikea.

Now comes the patience part….filling the frames.

Sure I could just find pictures and throw them in frames, but I really want our frame wall to sum us up and make us smile.  When people walk into our home I want them to look at our frame wall and say, “now I understand”.  Ok not really.

You know what makes me smile….our road trip.
Yea, I’ll make a road trip tribute.  If only it played 80’s cover music.

One frame down…seventy more to go.

Send me sentimental art y’all.

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Written by Christina and Tim

17 thoughts on “Make my art sentimental…

  1. floridaysmom

    I’m so excited to see what you come up with. I’m a HUGE gallery wall fan and like yourself feel each frame has to be there for a reason. I’m finishing up the one in Colin’s room now and it’s taken me forever for that same reason. Take your time, you’ll be happier with the result in the end.

    1. Christina Post author

      Thats the biggest thing…I want to just full them and get it up there…but I know this is something that I need to take my time on. Otherwise I may really regret that “dogs playing poker” photo as the center of our wall haha!

  2. Amanda

    Similar to your collage, we put up images from our travels (I started collecting water colors from street artists when I studied abroad, and my husband and I have continued the tradition). I also cheat and pick up things from Etsy that catch my fancy. But it’s a nice way to have a variety of art styles that’s really personal to you, and not super in your face obvious to the rest of the world. It’s also a great conversation starter!! We’ve done a few different frame walls around our house, but I’m seriously considering doing something going to the upstairs (our stairway looks very lonely and un-decorated).

    1. Amanda

      Oh, I forgot to add – I also put up blank frames if I like the arrangement I put together. It makes the room feel a bit more finished, and it helps me keep track of what sizes of art I need to find (we’ve had one frame up for over a year, but I have big plans to put a rendering of our current house in it over the spring). And then you can see if people really notice your art – it took my MIL a few visits to realize that the Asian couple playing in the ocean (the “comes with the frame” picture) wasn’t us.

      1. Christina Post author

        That just made me snort laugh! How sneaky…look how in love you two are while you frolic…wait thats not you!!!!

        I have been having trouble arranging them….I need more frames hahaha 🙂

        1. Amanda

          I do the “lay it out on the floor and take a picture, then guesstimate it on the wall” approach. Minus a few extra holes (the frames cover them up, so really, why worry about filling them in?), it works out pretty well.

          I was in Vienna for about six months (totally awesome!), and I got to do a *lot* of traveling during/after the semester. I wish real life had summer breaks so I could go back for an extended period of time with my husband.

          1. Christina Post author

            Oh my gosh…you are sounding just like me!!! I always sit and dream of European travels…but I dont have the vacation time 🙁

            Ohhhhh Vienna I am sooooo jealous, are there pictures…I want to live vicariously haha

    2. Christina Post author

      Ohhhhhh I would absolutley LOVE a wall of watercolors! Isn’t it neat to collect things when you travel…you always remember where you got it from and it brings back so many memories. I love it!

      Where did you study abroad? Im jealous…thats something I always wanted to do.

  3. victoriavm

    I love this! I always collect all these little things on our trips, and your collage with the map background is just so cute. I love that you mix photos with trinkets/ticket stubs/etc. If I ever get my act together, I will definitely be doing this!

    1. Christina Post author

      It’s way better than just shoving them in a box or something! I actually got the idea from my cousin and his wife. They took a really awesome camping trip all over the west coast and did something similar. Everytime I go to their house I sit and stare at it haha!

  4. Janelle

    I just finished mine (like to weeks ago!) and of course it’s never actually finished. You can change it over time. Remember that so you don’t feel like a crazy person trying to make it perfect (like I did)! Do you have a theme and/or style? Like… whimsical, love, travel, colorful, etc. That might help.

    I tried to pick things that were “reminders” since I’m looking at them often. Ya know, like even if I’m temporarily mad at my man, there’s a lovey photo. Or even if I’m having a bad day, there’s a happy quote to cheer me up.

    I know your wall will turn out awesome!

    1. Christina Post author

      I like that….Reminders….I think that is our theme 🙂

      We have really been trying to add some color and fun into our home, and even though the frames are all white I am hoping to add a whole lotta color in those frames.

      Do you have photos of your wall? I would love to see it!!!

  5. Trisha D.

    Such a lovely idea. Love the sentimental collage, pure genius! I always wondered what to do with all those collectables.

    I really want to do a gallery wall but make it different from all the rest. I’ve been thinking about it for 6 months without any headway. Guess it will ‘come to me’ someday or in a dream.

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