I never thought I could make curtains....

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I don’t sew.
I think you should know that.

It’s not that I don’t want to…
I just happen to be terrible at it.

So when I got the idea to make our living room curtains, I was pretty much shaking in my slippers.  Because let’s be honest…I was totally in my pjs when I schemed this up.

Then I made these.

We wanted something unique to dress up our living room windows but with a lot of crazy pillows, a bright rug, and eventually a pretty colorful coffee table…we needed something pretty and neutral.

I have been loving the big stripes on our living room wall so I had the genius idea to mirror them on the windows with some burlap & lace.

Once I got to the fabric store, I was paralyzed in fear looking at the two fabrics and wondering how I was going to pull this off.  I talked to the poor associates until they made up fake emergencies to escape, then I decided against burlap and against sewing.  I chose a gorgeous natural looking fabric than would be easier to work with and bought all of the “iron on” adhesives I could carry.

Once I got home I started all of my measurements to make sure my lines would perfectly mirror the lines on the wall. Then I dove right in.

Y’all I was so excited when I finished that first panel.

I made curtains.

I hung it up to make sure the hem tape wouldn’t crumble under pressure.
Then I excitedly ironed the heck out of two more panels.

For the lace I sprayed the aerosol adhesive and ironed it on using wax paper.
Easy as buying a Honey Baked Ham for Christmas.

Then I threw those bad boys up.

In an effort to keep it real with you all, I am showing you how completely crooked those stripes are.  I added the blue panels to try and break them up so that maybe you wouldn’t notice the sideways-ness…but who am I trying to fool.

It is a big fat fail.

On the bright side the lace look so incredibly pretty during the day with the sun shining through.

From certain angles it is less noticeable.

I do think that I could salvage them by pulling off the lace and trying them again, but I am being lazy and seeing how much they bother me for now.

Do you think I could ever get the lace completely even?
Should I try a “do-over”?
Or am I making up the crookedness…ha!

Any other creative suggestions….I’m down.

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Written by Christina and Tim

12 thoughts on “I never thought I could make curtains….

  1. Sandy

    Okay, I cracked up before I even read this because last night I decided to make curtains, too. LOL. If mine end up half as nice as yours did I would totally be thrilled. I love the burlap and lace!! I’ve been cursing the seeing machine but now I see a trip for hem tape in my VERY near future. Great job, girl! And you and I are definitely cut from the same no-sew cloth. 😀

    1. Christina Post author

      Seriously! I was so excited when I found out about hem tape 🙂 I had no idea…probably because I have never even thought about sewing haha. What’s sad is that I have a sewing machine, but anytime I’ve needed to use it I would ask my roomate (in college) and she would do it for me.

      You need to send pictures once you get yours done, I want to see them!!!!

  2. Christina @ floridays mom

    Good for you for trying!!!! I’m actually taking on the task myself here soon, with chevron in Colin’s big boy room, and burlap in my guest room… Never done them before either!! I’m so nervous!

    I think you are the biggest judge of your work and MOST people who come to visit won’t notice. Have you tried putting the ‘blue’ ones on the outside? I feel like my eyes were drawn to the imperfections more because that right panal doesn’t lay straight with the wall. Even though the stripes aren’t even I wonder if you would notice as much if the sides were at least straight.

    1. Christina Post author

      Ohhhhh that is a good point…I was just worried if you got them together how crooked they would all look together haha. I am trying it as soon as I get home. I HAVE HOPE 🙂

  3. Christina @ floridays mom

    Okay, one other suggestion… You could always hang them on rings and adjust them accordingly to make them ‘straight’.

    Again, I think they looks great and you’re being too critical of your job BUT since you asked.. Trying to come up with some simple solutions. 🙂

    1. Christina Post author

      That is exactly what tim said too. He said way don’t you just hang them crooked haha! I love it 🙂

      Im going on a FIX THESE CURTAINS rampage tonight haha

    1. Christina Post author

      Hahaha well obviously I am not very DIY savy either….look at that mess 🙂

      The couch is seriously amazing it is so cozy and big enough for our whole family at Christmas which I love. We actually got it from Weekends Only a few years ago. I think they still have it though and it’s on sale online for like $700 when we looked online.

  4. lauren | rebuild (health & home)

    Hooray for impromptu pajama projects and no-sew hem tape! I’ve definitely been in that boat before. Do you want the curtains to cover the whole window, or would you be okay with using them decoratively over functionally? One thing you could do is just choose two of the panels you created and hang them on either side of the window– it might even make that wall/ your room look bigger. If you want privacy, hanging a matchstick or bamboo rolling shade over the window would look nice with the neutral colors of the curtains & the room, as well as still allow filtered light to come through. Interested to see what you decide on!

    1. Christina Post author

      I had actually thought about just using the two and doing a rolling shade for some contrast. Hmmmm…I just don’t know anymore haha!!!!

      I think even pulling them back might help….I have been too scared to dive in yet 🙂


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