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Did you catch this picture on our facebook page a few days ago?

While sending Tim pictures of all the books I want for Christmas, I stumbled upon “Artful Blogging” magazine.  I want to be artful…and I want to blog.  Before I knew it I was snuggled up with my peppermint hot chocolate flipping through the pages.  Oh la la the inspiration.

I want to learn to take photos like this.  Anyone taken a good photography or styling course?  Give me the details…I need to be better.

Now it is time for the very best of my blogosphere this week.

When T and I do decide to settle down and shoot out some chitlins…I am totally making this advent tree I found on A Beautiful Mess.  Each day they pick a little present.  Totally adorable and totally doable.

My girl Mrs. Lilien made me laugh so hard when I saw this post.  That girl has some killer graphics.  I can’t wait to start wrapping so that I can “wrap” and feel oh so gangster.  Happy Holladays!

My new favorite color combo….turquoise, yellow and brown.  Nobody does it better than over on Apartment Therapy.  Now I need some pretty feathers.

What did I miss this week….link to your favorite posts below.

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Written by Christina and Tim

2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – november three oh

  1. junglefrog

    Oooo that all looks lovely and I’ve gotta check out artful blogging too! Love magazines about blogging; they always give me so much inspiration! If you’d lived a little closer you could come and do my photography workshop.. How much fun would that be?

    1. Christina Post author

      Do you know of any other blogging magazines? That was the first one I had come across but I really enjoyed it.

      Ohhhhhh I WISHHHH I could come learn photography from you. I tell Tim everyday how lovely all of your photos are. You have a great gift.


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