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I have been finding so many amazing photos and quotes lately I decided to put them all in one place.

Ala inspiration. Without sounding like a Christmas cheese ball I will attempt to sum up my munchkin sized inspiration board.

Obviously a lot of it revolved around the deep blue sea and all that inhabits it, unfortunately I couldn’t find a good mermaid photo.  Can someone get on that please.

I love the bright colors, a boost that gives you a kick in the bum.

Tim and I want to get anchor tattoos eventually…he just doesn’t know yet.

Sometimes I feel like I am getting caught in a giant life net, I only wish it was that pretty.  I am trying to remember not to “sink in a shot glass” or be too dramatic.  It is a work in progress that is for sure.

I need some blinged out starfish in my life, where can I buy those?

I want a jellyfish tank so bad I can taste it….yummmm mulberry jelly.

A lonely little seashell braving the beautiful sea, need I say more.

Are you gagging yet?  Ok so I really just think it is all pretty.

What is inspiring you lately?

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Written by Christina and Tim

4 thoughts on “What inspires me….

  1. Ilze (@idodetail)

    Hi Christina ! So interesting to read about you as it fascinated me how your blog name and inspiration board came about…so I was intrigued to read more about you ! I too lived in the Midwest on my first expat assignment and now I live right on the ocean in Hong Kong where the boats at night fascinates me as I wonder who is in there as they just lay there! And guess what – I am a CPA (accountant)..who worked for many years as that and loved it, but now I am a stay-home….still loving to be creative ! Enjoy life where you are right now – it seems like the waves are blowing your way !!!! My kids recently turned the huge Porcelain bowl in the TV room into a fish tank and it keeps them occupied…loving it !

    1. Christina Post author

      Awwww awesome! Do you have pictures of the fish tank? I would love to see it 🙂 Where in the Midwest did you live, oh how I dream of living somewhere that I can watch boats. We have so much in common, so excited to have another blogger friend!!!

  2. Ish @ sleepandhisbrother

    Um, yellow is ALWAYS the best way to go. All day, every day. I have a yellow car, my daughter has a yellow dresser and still, after seeing your work, I want to paint my desk yellow. That exact shade of yellow, in fact. Happy, bright, unmissable.

    I love your project. It’s very inspiring for those of us whose jewelry is also overrunning our spaces. I love how you just made it a centerpiece. Why hide? Show the world!

    (another byw-er)


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