Inspiration for everyone again....

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 Try to act like that doesn’t make you swoon.
That gorgeous floating jelly watercolor is for purchase here. 


Is anyone else already excited for Christmas?  Well, this will make you laugh AND get you in the mood.

You thought your fall was pretty, check out Kochia Hill.

This nook sprucing has me dreaming of building nook additions everywhere.

Has anyone been using Ibotta?  After reading this, I want in on it.

Anyone have a good lead on a bright, fun, inexpensive one of these?


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Written by Christina and Tim

2 thoughts on “Inspiration for everyone again….

  1. Shelly

    HAHA! I love the Elf shaming, too funny. Someone sent me an email a week or so ago and it was dog shaming; it was quite hysterical. I’m sure I could come up with several for our pup at home. And the Kochia Hill pictures are breathtaking, the colors are so VIVID. I’ve never heard of summer cypress, which is odd for me considering I’m married to a landscaper – lol! I am always redoing our landscaping so I might have to talk to my “Personal Landscaper” and have him find some summer cypress for next year’s plan 😉

    Thanks for sharing your inspiration post 🙂

    1. Christina Post author

      Yea, I have come across the dog shaming quite a bit and everytime I think, “I could make a book of Asti shaming”. Girl YES you need to give me the hook up with those summer cypress’ too! I bet your yard is gorgeous with your own personal landscaper haha!


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