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Hope everyone has a very safe and spooky Halloween tonight….don’t get in too much trouble.

We nicknamed the little dog “bugs” so it was only appropriate that we all dress up like insects.  She called dibs on being a spider.  I dressed up like a bumble bee for those in back.  And, well Taj ripped his ladywings off…but he started out as a ladybug.

 Tim decided to be an exterminator, and I want that on public record in case we all end up missing.  KIDDING!

Are you peeping my pumpkin…I am so obsessed that all I cared about in this picture was that my pumpkin make an appearance.  Do I care that me little spider is being poisoned right behind me, apparently not.  Big dog is streaking, ok but what about my pumpkin.

I chose the lumpiest, ugliest pumpkin I could find.  Then I vinyled my favorite blog’s name right onto the lady lumps and sprayed that sucker down.

Once I peeled the vinyl off, ok lets be serious…once Tim peeled the vinyl off because I had moved onto the next pumpkin…I had this masterpiece.

I got bored real quick on the second pumpkin and left poor T to do all the tedious parts.  Which I believe is why he turned my lobster into a scorpion.  Boys.

Seriously, that is a scorpion.

Is anyone else dressing up their dogs tonight?

It is a good thing she doesn’t bite….we’d be in trouble.

Have fun tonight y’all!

Written by Christina and Tim

The other day we did something a little crazy…..

We went to our local fish store and picked up a couple things.
One of those things, was a shark egg.

I do believe our fascination with getting a shark egg began while we were on our East Coast Road Trip.
We ran across these babies while at the Shedd Aquarium.

 We have been researching ever since.
Now that I re-watch that video, I feel like we should clean our egg up.
Tim will be checking in to give you an “egglet update” and give you all the specs in case you decide you need a little baby shark in your life as well. 
It is a learning experience for us and we have been told that something like one in six don’t ever hatch.  We have been holding light up and looking for some movement, T says the little guy is growing but I have yet to see him.  If you never hear about our shark egg again, you will know things didn’t go so well! 
Say a little prayer that we will soon be proud shark parents….

Written by Christina and Tim

You all know we are undergoing a major office makeover, remember this moodboard we made before we started?

We have been chugging away at turning our grellow, unorganized office into our favorite space.  It is afterall where we spend most of our time.

You may also remember that we are on a tight budget around these parts and using a work-with-whatcha-got-mmmkay attitude.

What we had was an ugly bookcase.

A bookcase that had been with me since I puttied New Kids on the Block posters on its side.  We go way back.

Then something magical happened.

Katie Bower & Sherry Petersik announced their Fall Pinterest Challenge.

This is what happened next….

I put Tim to work sanding all that NKOTB putty off and I got my seamstress on and used spray adhesive and a staple gun to upholster (and I use that term loosley) some fun fabric onto the shelves.

We wound up with a funky little number.

I am so excited to have a pretty piece of organization.

Thank goodness for blogger challenges or I would never get anything done hmmmm…

Can’t wait for the office reveal, it is finally coming together!

Written by Christina and Tim

 Try to act like that doesn’t make you swoon.
That gorgeous floating jelly watercolor is for purchase here. 


Is anyone else already excited for Christmas?  Well, this will make you laugh AND get you in the mood.

You thought your fall was pretty, check out Kochia Hill.

This nook sprucing has me dreaming of building nook additions everywhere.

Has anyone been using Ibotta?  After reading this, I want in on it.

Anyone have a good lead on a bright, fun, inexpensive one of these?


Written by Christina and Tim

Remember when I decided to put my pins to work and make a pretty little necklace holder? pinterest, knobs, necklaces, pallet, DIY, craft, yellow, jewlery, challenge

I kind of love the pretty little pop of sunshine it brings to my life every morning.

But now I have all these rings, and earrings, and bracelets with no home.
Like stray kittens.  Lost.

So when I ran across this little gem it practically begged me for a makeover.

I added lots of “storage” like egg cartons for earrings.

I used baskets for hair accessories and little dishes for rings and hoops.

I even repurposed a paper towel holder for my bracelets.

I suppose you are ready for the full shebang jewlery station reveal.

My little corner showcases all my pretties and makes accessorizing easy.

What do you think, would you have gone with navy instead of yellow?  Need more ring storage?  Think I have too many necklaces?

Written by Christina and Tim

What inspires me....

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I have been finding so many amazing photos and quotes lately I decided to put them all in one place.

Ala inspiration. Without sounding like a Christmas cheese ball I will attempt to sum up my munchkin sized inspiration board.

Obviously a lot of it revolved around the deep blue sea and all that inhabits it, unfortunately I couldn’t find a good mermaid photo.  Can someone get on that please.

I love the bright colors, a boost that gives you a kick in the bum.

Tim and I want to get anchor tattoos eventually…he just doesn’t know yet.

Sometimes I feel like I am getting caught in a giant life net, I only wish it was that pretty.  I am trying to remember not to “sink in a shot glass” or be too dramatic.  It is a work in progress that is for sure.

I need some blinged out starfish in my life, where can I buy those?

I want a jellyfish tank so bad I can taste it….yummmm mulberry jelly.

A lonely little seashell braving the beautiful sea, need I say more.

Are you gagging yet?  Ok so I really just think it is all pretty.

What is inspiring you lately?

Written by Christina and Tim