Fun with Fonts & Flyers.....

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Recently, I was asked to join the United Way committee for my employer.

Of course, I took on the flyers.  Which were due at month end (accountants know whats up with it) the day before we left for our two-week vacation.  It’s fine, I work best under pressure.

Wanna know what I realized whilest working on said flyers?

I like fonts.

And I like them….a lot.  Here are some of my favorites.

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The best part is you can search every single one of those fonts at DaFont.com and get them for yourself.

Amendment:  When I posted this I thought I downloaded them all from Dafont.com…it appears some aren’t there anymore.  Click the links below for the missing fonts.  Lainie Day, Sail, Rosewood, Modern No. 20, American Typewriter, and Simply Glamorous.  Please let me know if anymore go missing….love you, mean it!  No seriously, I mean it.

So you wanna see what I did with these spicy fonts?  I took our normal clip art posters and made these….


I am by no means a graphic designer.  But I will say I think these flyers are an upgrade and I am excited about it!

If you didn’t notice, most of the flyers are very text heavy.  Choosing the right fonts made the poster more artistic than informational, and hopefully more people will take a look and get involved.  Fingers crossed.

What about you all, got a favorite font I should know about?

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Written by Christina and Tim

44 thoughts on “Fun with Fonts & Flyers…..

  1. Katie

    I absolutely love this post! And I am soooo impressed by your posters! The Rooftop BBQ one is my favorite! If people don’t look at these and want to be involved, then they are cah-razy!

    1. Christina Post author

      Awwwwwww thanks boo! I was really excited about them and I think they turned out really well considering my lack of photoshop skills 🙂 we are super excited to see you guys by the way!!!!!!

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  3. lgunal

    I really love the one that looks like Laine Day, but not sure of the L. I tried it on DaFont, but no luck. Tried other letters too, J, F, I…no luck. Help??

    1. Christina Post author

      Hi Susan, you know I am actually not sure. I have a Mac but I only use it for personal uses and I use a PC to design in. I did find the video below that seemed pretty helpful….let me know if I can help with anything else!!!

  4. Tatiana Fowler

    Thank you for the post, but there are a ton of the fonts that are not on Dafont.com (Laine Day, Sail, Rosewood, Modern No.20, American Typewriter and Simply Gorgeous.

    1. Christina Post author

      Oops! Thanks Tatiana….when I posted this I was sure I got them all from dafont.com but you are right some of them are nowhere to be found. I have an amendment coming atcha in a few minutes….thanks for the heads up!

  5. Graphic Artist

    For someone who is not a graphic artist you’ve got some mad designer skills!
    Really – all a designer is is someone who borrows other people’s art and recreates it into something new. Keep it up – you’ve got talent!

  6. cc

    So I downloaded one, but it doesn’t show up in Microsoft Word. How do I actually use this new font? I don’t have Photoshop.

    1. Tim

      Once you have downloaded the file. Click to open the zip file then click the truetype font file that is located inside the folder. It will have a print and install button at the top. Just click the install button and it will be ready for use.

    1. rediscoveredblogger

      Sorry! I found this on another blog when I googled it – “On Lost Type, you have the option to give a donation. You can simply fill in “0″ there (or some money if you are feeling generous) and you will be able to download it for free.”


  7. Chrissy

    The font “Simply Gorgeous” is actually called “Simply Glamorous” and can be found on dafont, just to let you know. Thanks for sharing these!

    1. Christina Post author

      Thanks Chrissy! I actually noticed that when I went searching for them and I don’t even know how I messed that up! I was just hoping no one would notice hahaha

  8. Samantha Charity Hall

    Thank you so much for sharing your favourite fonts.

    I looove typography, and been meaning to get some new fonts to have fun with as I start to get serious with writing and creating my blog. And I didnt know if they were trustworthy, thanks to your professional blog, it gave me faith to use dafont.com as I you used them successfully I just went for it… so tonight Ive been a very happy bunny playing with all my new fonts.

    Thank you. Loving your blog, its an inspiration

    Love Samantha, Southampton, UK

  9. Liz Brown

    This is really awsome!!! i love font!!! and this is the coolest you could do. I already download all of them!!! i will create a special folder for them. Thanks a million for share it! I can have right now any favourite because with all the colours you choose… it is really hard!!!

    Thanks a mill. You’re star!

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