East Coast Road Trip - We are moving to Maine

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Okay, maybe in my dreams.
Maine was our favorite place, our dream is to have a summer home there…anyone want to donate? Maine was a last minute decision.  We basically decided, we are only four hours away…are we ever going to get the chance to go to Maine again?
Sandy told us to drive on over to Camden, Maine and get us some chowdah.  So we did.

Here was the first clue that we loved Maine.  We were driving in at night, and being from the Most Dangerous City in America we decided to ask a gas station attendant what areas to avoid.  It went a little something like this:

Me:  Hi, have you ever been to Camden, Maine?
Super Nice Man:  Yea, you goin’?
Me:  Yes, that’s where we are headed.  Are there any places to avoid?
SNM:  Blank stare.
Me:  Like, where should we stay?
SNM:  Are you talkin’ criminal?
Me:  Yes, exactly.
SNM:  Girl, you just watch out for the moose and deer okay.
Me:  Oh so it’s pretty safe then?
SNM:  You do realize you are in Maine right?

The second reason I love Maine, their accents.  Wicked awesome.

This is for you Super Nice Man, but you have to share it with my mooseaholic mama. Since we drove in at night we couldn’t really take in the sights.  Tim wanted to find a hotel room, I was more concerned with getting a lobster in my tummy.

Tim likes to make me happy, so we focused on food.
Found an awesome little bar called Cappy’s.
It was awesome.
The lobster was unreal.  And you could even catch your own and they cook it for a dollar. I would highly recommend checking out Cappys, it was such a good time.
I have no clue why our eyes are so closed…I guess we were food drunk.Sorry for the terrible phone pictures, didn’t wanna get all professional up in Cappy’s.
After we stuffed our guts we decided to find a place to stay, this is when I realized Tim is always right.

Because Camden is such a small town, all of the hotels close down at 9.
It was 9:15…bummer.
Luckily we found one place a couple miles out that stayed open until 10.


They had lots of lobster statues, and a hot lobster quiche for breakfast.  Winning.

We had a full morning of lighthouse viewing planned, until we woke up to this. A whole lot of Maine fog.  It was the prettiest fog I had ever seen.

We didn’t let it slow us down.  We headed to a couple different lighthouses….  we weren’t able to see any of them…but the ocean was magical.

  Maine is everything you imagine.  It is peaceful and calming.  From the gentle tide to the sound of the buoy bells, I truly believe that is where we belong. We both just sat quietly and imagined walking out to the lighthouse every morning and drinking our peppermint hot chocolate.  Maine seems like a place of eternal happiness. The other thing we loved, and I think this depends where you go….the privacy.
It wasn’t touristy by the beaches at all, we sat by ourselves most of the day. The fog started lifting a little, but not enough to see lighthouses.  We just kept exploring.

We drove through a park and there was beauty everywhere.  From the birch trees to the graveyard to these two chairs begging us to sit a while. Is this not the most beautiful graveyard ever. I found lots of treasures….including the ducks. After we finished all of our beach viewing….we went into town.      It was a great little town speckled with Bed & Breakfasts’ and charming shoppes (with an extra ‘pe’ because they are quaint).

We walked along the harbor and admired all the fisherman, what a life. Everything is prettier in Maine. We found our third reason to love Maine while visiting the shoppes…everyone is so N-I-C-E.
Like crazy nice, overly nice.
Break out a map and draw you directions nice.  It was refreshing.

Upon the recommendation of a local, we went to Graffam Brother’s Seafood Shack and grabbed some chowdah.
Then we took it to the local hideaway that he drew directions to. And there we found our dream house. Can I please get a million dollar loan.
If I can, I’ll invite you to my backyard that overlooks a lighthouse.

Oh and let me not forget to tell you about the chowdah…not chowder.
I could live on that and that alone everyday for the rest of my life, fo sho.

Do you need more convincing that we love Maine….okay.
They love dogs. Dogs were everywhere, and it was wonderful.  There was even a shoppe that had a sweet dog trained to walk you into the store.  Seriously, the dog sat on the stoop and when you googled at him he walked you in the store and left you to spend oodles.  He returned to his stoop and grabbed the next sucker.  We watched him do it at least six times.  We have some training to do.

And because no road trip post is complete without driving pictures….here is our view as we drove out of Maine. And you know how I feel about bridges. It really was heaven on earth…we can’t wait to go back. Can you believe our trip is almost over?
We will have one more post on Monday….and it’s a biggin’ y’all.

Stick around.

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Written by Christina and Tim

15 thoughts on “East Coast Road Trip – We are moving to Maine

    1. Christina Post author

      Yayyyy! That’s why we did it 🙂 So that people could sit at their desks at work and pretend they are off on the East Coast beaches….I know that’s what I am doing today hahaha!!!

  1. Abbie

    That’s where I’m from 🙂 i grew up in that area and most of my family is still there! Glad to see you loved it so much. I miss everything except the cold weather, haha. (I found you via YoungHouseLove, by the way)

    1. Christina Post author

      Ohhhhh Abbie….why did you ever leave haha! Seriously, we fell so head over heels in love witt Maine….can’t wait to go back 🙂

      Thanks so much for visiting!!!!

      1. Abbie

        I know! I seriously miss the beauty of the state but I despise being cold. haha…School and work is also part of leaving.

        I like your blog – I’ll be dropping in! – and your “…” makes me feel right at home! My fb page is filled with those. 😉

        1. Christina Post author

          Its funny because I keep telling my parents that we are moving, they just reply with, “you may want to visit in the winter”. Are you at least living somewhere warm now 🙂 Please tell me you moved to Fiji so we can come visit and scuba with ya 🙂

          Who is an ellipsis addict….WE ARE 🙂 Elliptics unite haha

          1. Abbie

            If you don’t mind the cold then you’ll love it!…and if you love it and it works out for you then you should do it! …and yes I moved somewhere warmer with shorter winters but further from the ocean 🙁 that is the downside! I am in Greenville, SC now. I can’t wait to move back to the coast!

            Yes! totally an addict…but thankfully I can switch it off…if I force myself too. LOL

          2. Christina Post author

            I got super excited when I read that at first because I immediately read GREENBOUGH, ALABAMA (Forrest Gump is my all-time favorite movie) not that Greenville isn’t just as exciting haha.

            We need to move to a coast too….this whole middle of nowhere thing is getting a little old haha. Luckily we do get to travel quite a bit, thank goodness.

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