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We recently got asked about where Dori Dos lives.  Hi Gabby!

She does indeedy live in the very same tank that Dori OG lived in.  You can read about that tragedy here.

I don’t want to risk jinxing Dori Dos, so this post is not about the fish.
It’s just about the tank.
Ok fish fore fathers who curse my fishies, ya listening?  Please don’t jinx my fish.

When we started this hobby we had a 60 gallon tank, which you will learn more about next week.  That tank lived in our office, and it was so nice to be able to work and fish-gaze at the same time.  Then we bought the big tank, and eventually we sold the 60 gallon.  But I really missed having a tank in the office, so I got this guy.

Please don’t judge the paint, and the general mess.  The office is at the top of our To-Do list.

I wanted a little tank to call my own and put pretty pink corals and fun little fish in.

Once the tank was ready for fish we put Miss Holly in with a little Goby.

But she always was hiding, and I had a thing for little Damsels.  We didn’t want to put Damsels in the big tank because they can be territorial and eat corals.  But this little tank was perfect for them.  We moved Miss Holly into the big tank and loaded this guy up with Damsels.

And I liked them, for about a week.

The problem was, they didn’t have much personality.  They were boring.  In fact, I just tried to find pictures of them.  I never took any, and I take pictures of everything.  I hate to sound picky or mean, but Damsels weren’t my thing.  So they went into the sump.  Before anyone flies off the handle and calls the fish police, the sump is our filter for the big tank.

Then this tank sat empty, because I just wasn’t sure what I wanted.

Then came the Dori’s.  And my heartstrings are pulled as tight as ever.

The tank they call home is just a 12 gallon Nano Cube.  I gotta tell you, if you are considering getting into the hobby, a Nano Cube or Biocube is the way to go.  They have everything you need.  Built in lights and filtration make it super easy to set up and take care of.  I will warn you though, it isn’t big enough and you will fill it in a month and want something bigger.  But that is the case with every tank once you’re addicted….T and I are already talking about a 600 gallon built-in basement tank.  It’s a sickness.

What is under the hood…let me show you.

See…everything you need.

The reason it is such a good starter tank is because the maintenance is just enough to expose you to what you are in for but not enough to overwhelm you.  If I can take care of it, anyone can.

If you take a look around you will see that no one is sponsoring this post.  I just really love having a little tank on my desk.

Now then, if you want to see the super cute inhabitant….check this out.

And for those of you in the know, the hermit crab that chowed down on Dori OG… now battling the big boys in our 210.


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Written by Christina and Tim

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Blogging has consumed our lives… Blogging for breakfast, blogging for lunch, and blogging for dinner.  I really had no idea what to expect when we bought our first domain name.  Once we decided upon a name it has been a whirlwind of blog posts.  At this point, everything we do is blog related, but in the best way possible. Except for on weekends of course, those are still ours…for now.

We decided a long time ago that we needed a way for our friends and family to check in on the things we do and see what we do every day, no matter how boring it may be.  We did not expect everything that went into maintaining a blog.

Since we have been at this for a whole month now I wanted to fill you in on the work that we put in every day.  Hopefully, this will give everyone just one-tenth of an idea of how much goes into preparing a blog post and getting it ready for the inter-webs.  Early on, we choose to each take a role.  Since I am not much of a writer I chose the more technical, web design, layout, NERDY aspect of it all.  In addition, I was forced chose to take on the semi-professional photographer role.

We spend most of the time taking photos, posing for photos, editing photos, and re-taking photos when we don’t have the shot we need.  Christina does all of the wonderful, funny, witty writing that you folks get to enjoy every day (this really is Tim and I really did write that).   I do take part in all of the writing though by proof-reading and correcting all of the errors, and trust me there are many errors.  I had to get a jab in there somewhere so her head would stop swelling.

Then it is time for the layout, this includes the resizing of everything, inserting all of links for any product or reference we use, and placing FB and Pinterest links.  Once everything is in place and has been looked at one million times it gets published.  Ok so that doesn’t sound like much work, but when was the last time you resized and edited 60 photos.

We really do enjoy blogging and keeping everyone in the loop with all of the fun stuff we do.  We stay up very late to make sure everyone gets a laugh the next morning.  We really do appreciate everyone who reads even just one post.  In conclusion, thank you everyone for being with us for the first month and reading our blog.  We will have many more posts to come and hope you will stick with us through the years and we will do our best to keep you entertained.


Written by Christina and Tim

Would you believe me if I told you a month ago I wrote about our precious honey boo boo child.

Yea…me neither.  But you better believe we are going to celebrate it like an eighth grade romance.

Even more unbelievable is how amazing my mom has been…visiting the site over 6,000 times.  Thanks mom!

Ok but seriously, this blows my mind. 

I guess it surprises me because I assumed the only people who would actually read what we wrote would be my family and maybe one or two friendlies.  And while I am sure they make up the majority of that number, I still am amazed that we got over 6,700 views in just a month.

Yes, I realize for most bloggers this number is puny.

We are not most bloggers….so we need to show you all our UNDYING GRATITUDE for coming and reading what we have to say.  Even if it is just once, we are glad you are here.

We love writing about our adventures, but we love it even more when you all enjoy reading it.

I hope this post doesn’t come off pretentious or braggy…I am just over the moon with excitement that people may actually smile because of something they read here.  Seriously, comments and messages make me as giddy as a Bieber fan.

So we are going to encourage them….and bribe you.

We are giving away a $50 gift card to celebrate our big one month.  Consider it like that awkward rose your eighth grade boyfriend gave you in honor of this momentous occasion.

You want in on the fun, all you have to do is subscribe.

Go to the right sidebar, find the little box that says, “Don’t miss a post” and enter your email.  Then just hit sign me up and you are in.

You will have to confirm from your email inbox, don’t forget that part!
There is nothing to pay for, and no cancellation fee or anything.  No worries, just fun.

Once you subscribe, you will get an email when we write up a new post.  So you will be all up in the know.  But that’s it, no spam…cross my heart.

Your odds of winning are pretty good since we are such a new blog, so go subscribe.  We will be picking our winner on Tuesday, September 4th.

And now for my favorite part of blogging, the love.

I am getting this collage of encouragement framed, because these comments mean more to me than chocolate-covered bacon.  That’s really saying something.


Written by Christina and Tim

While I was visiting my sister last weekend I decided that I “needed” a new toy.

I rationalized this purchase with the fact that TODAY is Homemade Ocean’s one month anniversary.

We will be celebrating tomorrow….be there or be square sad that you missed it.

I have named my new toy Sven the hot Sweed and recently discussed his nakedness with him.

Me:  Look Sven…I know you are all hot and everything, but you really need to show some modesty.  Cover it up for the kids…because they could get you sticky with their Cheeto fingers.  Mama don’t need all that mess.
Sven:  Ohhkay….vut cahn I vee sooper sexie?
Me:  Who are you trying to impress….I mean c’mon Sven live in my pj’s.
Sven:  I joost veel like veing hawt you veel me.
Me:  Can I be your stylist?
Sven:  Vut ov course.
Me:  Settled.

Okay, so Sven the Sweed may have grown up in France or Russia or some far-away-accent place.  But there was only one thing to do.

Window shop.

These are all of the cases Sven and I are considering.  What…you didn’t realize Sven was a hot Swedish lady?

–  We have to stick to our roots here and throw in a nautical case.  I just adore this sweet tribute to the vintage Sailor style.

–  This is strange, but the snap top case reminds me of my gramma’s cigarette case.  Nostalgia gets me every time.  Plus, Kelly green and Navy blue are basically my favorite.

–  I’m feeling the whole watercolor trend, and I have never gotten over my love of dandelions.  So the blue and green case is like a prettier version of my childhood.

–  Another nautical theme, but this one you can customize with your monogram or name.  A high contender for our Stylish Sven shopping trip.  We also found backgrounds that looked like corals, chevron, ikat, and stripes….basically if you can dream it then you can find it here.

–  A sweet and feminine fabric with an unexpected design.  You had me at feminine, I also love that it’s an old fashioned typewriter image on brand spanking new technology.  Oh the irony.

–  Hello funky lady.  I wish I was bold enough to pull of this bright yellow, big bow number.  A girl can dream.

–  Lace and leather, is there anything hotter?  Didn’t think so.  I would feel like a dainty dollop of awesome carrying that case around.  Is that an oxymoron?  Well I don’t care, that is how I would feel.

–  My little piece of sunshine.  How could you not be happy when you are holding bright orange polkas and fun teal ruffles.  Sven likey.

Sven needs your help…..Which is your favorite?

Written by Christina and Tim

I have been a huge fan of The Farm Chicks for ohhhh many moons now.

So imagine my excitement when Serena – the contributing editor of Country Living Magazine and producer of one of the most celebrated antique shows around – chose me to represent Missouri in her Big Boy Adventure!

Check it out here.

That’s right, I get to show this handsome little fella the very best of Missouri.

By the time he makes it to the midwest he will have already seen twenty of the states, Australia, England, Canada, and France so I will have a lot to live up to.

Where shall I take him?

After I send him off to continue his journey to places like Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, and all the other states in this great country…his show-me state adventure will be featured on The Farm Chicks blog.  Can we call this my first big break please?

Even if it is not technically “a break” can we all admit how much fun I am going to have with this little man.  Uh-oh….Timbo just got a little jealous!

Written by Christina and Tim