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We have been hanging out in Kansas City a lot lately.

It’s one of the only “vacation destinations” within weekend driving distance.  Sure there is always Branson, Lake of the Ozarks, and I guess Chicago if you want to watch the Cardinals beat the Cubs….but there isn’t an abundance of weekend trips around these parts.  We make our own fun going on float trips and visiting wineries.  These are Missouri folk’s weekend getaways.

Our first trip out there seemed like a great idea when we signed up for it….and then a heat wave came.  And then running a 5K that we never trained for in the middle of a July heat wave seemed a little insane.

5K, color run, kansas city, first time runners Luckily we were four hours from home, so even if people stopped and laughed at us panting on the ground in puddles of sweat….we’d never see them again.  Right?

We were scared.

5K, color run, kansas city, first time runners

This was also a huge step for Tim in overcoming his anxiety.  Running in a crowd of 30,000 strangers while people throw colored corn starch at you…yea no problem.

5K, color run, kansas city, first time runners

We just focused on the positive, like our sweet new kicks that were supposed to motivate us to run.  Not so much.

5K, color run, kansas city, first time runners, bright, nike, shoes

And once we got running….it was just SO. MUCH. FUN.

  5K, color run, kansas city, first time runners   5K, color run, kansas city, first time runners   5K, color run, kansas city, first time runners

I’m not kidding, like funnest day of our lives….both of our lives.  Not just my boytoy agreeing to a crazy harebrained scheme and then telling me it was fun so he can watch baseball.  He thought it was fun with a capital F-U-N.  Ahem, what anxiety?

5K, color run, kansas city, first time runners, royals stadium, kiss my man

Then our minds were blown, the running wasn’t the funnest part.

5K, color run, kansas city, first time runners, finale, party

This was.

An explosion of powdery bright goodness that makes everything in the world seem right.  Or it just looks cool and then you realize you are choking on said powder.  Details.

5K, color run, kansas city, first time runners, finale, party Now the really crazy part…..we are thinking about doing it again in St. Louis.  Maybe we will train this time, sike!

When we were “training” for the Color Run by watching videos and peeping pin boards…everyone said that pictures didnt do it justice.  They are right.  So we made a video.

Watch it twice and Enjoy.

Written by Christina and Tim

Honey Boo Boo Child

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This little turd has become a running joke in my life…

I had never watched the show Toddlers and Tiaras on TLC, until I got word of this chittlin….and now I. AM. HOOKED.

I suppose I am more hooked on the ridiculousness of the families than I am the actual show.  I mean, just look at these crazies…good thing they had kids instead of cats.  Image found here.


 Tim and I have even practiced our show-parent skills and decided that if we one day (please-oh-please) have a baby girl, her name will be Gracin something Gray.  Because let’s face it, Gracie Gray is pretty much the best pageant name ever.  Now go practice your finger-kiss-now-finger-wave-smile-smilebigger-curtsy girl prissy walk, or something like that.

And just because we are total weirdos…here is what my boytoy and I look like as pagent queens.  Please tell me how precious our spawn will be in all that glitz.

Now hopefully T won’t think he looks too good like that and leave me for the drag life.  Just kidding pumpkinbutt, we know you’d never do that but just in case…I gave you the blue dress.

But here is the breaking news, the meat and potatoes and apparently Mountain Dew of this post…Honey boo boo child now has her own show.  Yes indeedy, you heard me right.  Image found here.


Now please tell me why I can’t have a reality show?  They just give them away these days, and I know I’m funnier than J-Woww.  I’m just jealous.

Gotta say, T and I are really looking forward to this disaster.  Please don’t disappoint us Honey Boo Boo Child….you don’t want a sad future stage mom now, do you?

I didn’t think so.  Now go get all hopped up on Mountain Dew.

Written by Christina and Tim

Is this a sign....

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Tim and I are not very superstitious…except the whole black cat thing, we totally believe that’s bad luck.

We did however, take receiving the water bill on the day I registered this domain name as a “sign” that it was a great idea that we record our tank tales for all of the world our parents to read.

I mean, there were more signs that we found made up.  Like me bringing home the latest edition of Coral Magazine and our water quality being as perfect as it has ever been.  This was obviously a great idea.

And then it happened….our worst fear….the one that we kept talking about preparing for but never did.

A power outage.

I would have taken pictures, but I wasn’t sure that putting a big black box of darkness would be a hit.  The thing about a power outage is you never know how long it is going to last.  Could be ten minutes, could be ten days (which is not unusual in these parts).

So we started preparing, not by buying a generator like we had been talking about, but by closing blinds and grabbing flashlights.  Oh, did I mention it was 108 degrees that day…ummm yea heatwave.

Then it hit us, our tank!  We did NOT want to end up like Elaine Benes in the Parking Garage so we made sure that the temperature of the water was ok and started to stir the tank periodically so that we could get some oxygen back in the water.  No water movement makes for some unhappy homies down there.

Then we started to panic, this was a much bigger sign than a bill and magazine.  Maybe some bigger fish force was letting us in on the fact that we might fall on our faces here.  Or worse, fall in the jelly I spilled on our cream rug in the power outage.

After being discouraged/worrying about our homemade ocean/cringing at the thought of all the ribs we bought for a family BBQ withering in the fridge/dying of heat stroke we decided that we didn’t care if we failed.  This blog is about much more than people reading it.  It’s about documenting what we learn, how our tank changes, and most importantly…how our lives change.

And so we begin…signs or no signs we are pursuing our dreams up in here.

And for those of you wondering, the power came back on before the BBQ, the meat and the tank survived, and we did indeed do a victory dance on the bed while we praised the air conditioning gods.  All in all….life was good again.



Written by Christina and Tim