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Dead Coral Decor....

Posted by Christina // 3 Replies

I have said it before and I will say it again, in this hobby….stuff dies.  Most people don’t like to talk about it or admit that they lose things because typically the next thought is…..you don’t know what you are doing.

But everyone loses fish and corals.  Truth.

You have to be prepared to shell out hundreds of hard-earned dollars to watch stuff get eaten, or keel over for no good reason.

All you can do is test your water and do some research to find out what might have gone wrong.  And sometimes, things can live happily in our tank for a long, long time and then poof….they are dead.

Remember this little guy from here?

saltwater tank, corals, bright

Well, he has met an unfortunate end.

Poor unfortunate soul….name that movie.

Fortunately for us….decorating with coral is like so hot right now.

Coral trend photo found here.

At least that’s what all the home decor magazines tell me.

And I believe them.

So this little guy is finding his way to my desk.  I am going to call myself trendy and hip.  Then I’ll look at him and be sad because I will remember what once was.


Written by Christina and Tim