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“Cheers to the freakin weeken (silent d) I drink to that” – Rhianna

That girl is wise beyond her years.  Can we talk about the fact that it is April, and not just April…it is mid-April.  Seriously, wasn’t I just hunkering down for the end of the Mayan Calender with my jar of peanut butter and flashlight?  Where is time going, and why aren’t all these projects finishing themselves.

This weekend we are going to be kicking some home-sweet-home rump, but before I get all sweaty and exhausted let me revel in this sweet little Etsy shop. jen skelley Jen Skelley’s sweet prints easily caught my eye with all the vibrant colors and whimsical characters.  You put a whale on just about anything and I pretty much call you my soul mate.  How adorable would a grouping of those be in a playroom?

Along with everything Coachella, I was also able to find some pretty sweet DIY projects.  I can’t wait to get my hands on some of these and make them my own. lovely indeed I have been keeping my eyes peeled for a sweet little bar cart that I can refurbish, and when I find (or build) my dream companion you had better believe a few of these DIY bottles will be riding dirty on top.  Look, we are young and fairly broke so we can’t afford the “bottles” you see in those rap videos.  Our bottles are generally of the plastic variety, so giving them a little makeover might be good for our bar carts reputation. one charming party I am getting a little overly excited for Cinco de Mayo, it is one of my favorites.  Okay, I really enjoy nachos and salsa and maybe a tangy green drink (on the rocks, extra strong).  The adorable little pinatas that One Charming Party whipped up are getting me in the fiesta spirit.  These look like they would be super easy for kiddos to pull too, so instead of giving that neighbor kid that murders ants with a magnifying glass a giant stick to terrorize everyone with just put up a couple of these and watch everyone go wild. honestly wtf Talk about unexpected.  I have seen a lot of cool sunglasses, but these are taking the cake right now.  Erica from Honestly WTF actually drilled holes in her shades to embroider an awesome little design.  She even makes it look easy.  I must admit I have gone a little embroidery crazy.  Maybe it is my inner granny, or maybe it is because I can’t embroider beans but I think I like it. design mom I am excited about this, it is one of those things you don’t really need but it makes your day a little bit better.  You buy this customizable printer and chose what is sent to you daily.  It can be news updates, grocery lists. Sudoku puzzles, or even your astrology report.  Imagine grabbing you morning horoscope before heading out the door, or even better sending yourself little love notes since it is all manageable from your cellular.  I don’t even think my explanation does this little guy justice, so check it out here.  Now what is my excuse for absolutely “needing” one of these?

What did you find out there this week?
Got any good plans for the weekend?
Wanna come help us clean?


Written by Christina and Tim

One Hot Mama

Posted by Christina // 12 Replies

I had never thrown a baby shower.

In fact I am not sure that I have ever been to a baby shower.  I mean I am sure I have, but I have always blocked that stuff out because I never really cared much for babies.

Until I met Tim, and decided that I wanted to have twenty-seven of them.  That’s just a starting point.

Then each and every one of my friends got pregnant.  Something to do with Fifty Shades movement or something, I’m not really sure.  Now I am planning baby showers left and right.


I have a little practice in the party planning area…I threw her bridal shower and bachelorette party last year.

But the challenge here, besides it being a baby shower, is that she lives in Pennsylvania.  Which means no traveling when she’s about to pop, which means throwing a shower without knowing the gender until a week before the shower.

Mission impossible….accepted.

Without knowing the gender, I had to make the invites neutral.  Have you seen the “gender neutral” invitations lately?  Gag me with a spoon.  This baby was not of the rubber duck variety.  Quickly decided I needed a theme.  I scoured Pinterest for ideas…tea party?  ready to pop?  library themed?  They all left me feeling a little luke warm.

Oh yea….also….I am lazy.  Cleaning the whole house, just to clean when people leave is not my idea of a party.  I am a firm believer of enjoying yourself at parties.  The only logical thing to do was to pick a venue which I did not have to clean.

If you knew the future mama…the one thing you would know for sure is her love of Mexican food.  It’s basically what we bonded over, and the thing she misses most about good ol’ Missouri.  The fine, not-very-clean-but-delishious Mexican food.  It was only appropriate to celebrate her at a Mexican restaurant.

So we had a feista….to celebrate One Hot Mama.

one hot mama, baby shower, invite, sombraro, fiesta, mexican, cinco de mayo

The very first step was the invites.  I found a designer I liked on Etsy and gave her my basic “theme” for the shower.  She took it from there and I couldn’t be more thrilled with how they came out.  Spicy….

I called the most delish place I could think of, Hacienda.  I gotta say that they rocked it out.

It was bright and fun and the food….oh the food.


The food was the hit of the party for sure….I mean besides this girl.

Throwing a One Hot Mama themed baby shower was a hoot.

Lots of “rattle maracas”, “leis”, “baby pinatas”, “new daddy mustaches” and well…fiesta shades.

Now if you actually read the 241 words that started this post you remember that we did indeed find out if it was a girl or a boy about a week before the shower.  So of course I had to throw that little tidbit into all of the details to let everyone know.

Get ready for “detail overload”

When walking in our guests got to sign a little onesie for baby Brooklyn, then they grabbed a homemade pin.  And the games begin.

Yes I actually wrote a poem…..my mom is so proud.

I made the pins for the “Don’t say baby game” by spraypainting clothespins hot pink and the hot glueing cute scrapbooking embellishments. 

They stayed in that awesome formation for about three-point four minutes.

Guests also got to grab a homemade gamecard.  Really labor-intensive stuff, just printed on cardstock.

So that we could play the best game ever.

If only we could have gotten a guest appearance by Bob Barker.

 I packed the prizes into cute little polka dot pink lunch bags and then threw a strip of tissue fringe to fuss them up a little.

I however, did not account for multiple people guessing correctly in Baby Price is Right.  Should have had at least forty more prize bags.

I did have enough baby pinatas though.

 These things were great!  Just got cute candy cups, filled them with candy and girlied them up with ribbon and tissue fringe.  It was super easy and made the most adorable favors.

I also filled a little picture frame with a sonogram picture so that everyone could sneak a peek at the little dumpling.

The most fun I had was making the onesies on my Silhouette Cameo.

If you were unaware….Missouri is the show me state.  And I have to have this little bean representing up in the PA.  Or something like that.

And so the “Show Me Love” Onesie was born.  Get it?  Born?  Ok, overboard.

I also made one with an “L” on it for the babe’s last name.

Needless to say….there was plenty of pink floating around.  Here let me show you….

Miss Brooklyn is going to be such a girly girl.  Thanks to yours truly.

I do believe a good time was had by all.  At least I hope so, and if it wasn’t well it was my very first baby shower y’all.


I do know one thing….baby shower presents are the cutest thing I have ever seen.  I forgot to take a “present picture” but the girl made a haul.

No baby shower is complete without a diaper cake…

Katie loved all the cute outfits, of course.

And I just loved seeing my best friend so happy….

So I am calling my first baby shower a success!

Written by Christina and Tim