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Say hello to another beautiful Monday, so glad to see your face.

I know I am a wee bit too excited for another work week but I am just trying to get some practice in for my challenge this week.  I want to let a few people know how much I appreciate them. make-monday-matter-by-writing-a-note-of-gratitude You know, I buy all this cute stationary and tons of cute cards like a paper hoarder.  Then I just sit and look at them, it is quite possible that sometimes I rub them across my face but I never actually use them.  That’s gotta change today.

Feeling appreciated is one of the strongest human desires, but that appreciation is not often found in a text message.  Let’s think about how many emails and texts we have sent in the last week.  Now when was the last time we sent a real handwritten letter?  I’ll hang my head in shame now thanks.

The craziest part is a handwritten letter costs less than a dollar to send, and can be kept forever.  I just never take the time to actually write one.  Sometimes I long for my younger years when the greatest thing in life was to get a letter from my penpal….not quite sure why I gave that feeling up.

My challenge calls for one part cute card (or printer paper folded hamburger style) and two parts gratitude.  I am going to handwrite a few of these notes today to some specials folks, the ones that I don’t tell enough how much they mean to me.

Do you still handwrite letters?
Did you have a penpal growing up?
Where do you buy cute paper products…like I need more.

Written by Christina and Tim

When I was growing up my dad would start every new school year with a song, “School days, school days” and that’s generally all he got out before my sister and I got out a whiny, “Daaadddddddd”.

When my dad was younger, his father sang it to him and he never understood what was so exciting about the first day of school…until he had two rambunctious girls.  Then it all made sense.

While I was young we were very blessed to be able to go shopping every year for new school supplies, a new wardrobe, and sweet new kicks.  So many kids don’t have that luxury, so this year I want to help. students-running-to-school-back-to-school-backpack Tim and I are taking a backpack full of notebooks and pencils, folders and markers, rulers and pens up to a local school.  We are hoping they will find their way to the students that need them.

We are even trying to get some of our co-workers and family in on the fun.

Have you ever donated school supplies?
Have you seen some of the cute backpack choices out there?
Wish you could go back to kindergarten like I do?


Written by Christina and Tim

This Monday challenge couldn’t come at a better time for me.

The week before Haven everything was such a rushed blur that quick fast food seemed like the only option if we wanted food in our tummies.  Then I may or may not have overindulged the whole four days at the conference.  Hint…I totally did.

Now it’s time to quit cold turkey, and maybe eat more fresh turkey. easy-meal

Did you know that Large, Value, and Supersized meals are sometimes triple the recommended daily allowance?  Every time we grab a quick and easy meal in the drive thru to save a couple of minutes in the day, we are potentially taking years off our life.  Minutes saved for years lost?  No thanks.

The fast food industry wrangles in over $120 billion every year.  Do you know what I could do with all that money?  Heck, I’d probably buy the ocean.  Or at least build an underground Atlantis where I could live out my childhood dreams of morphing into a mermaid.  Holler.

Now they are working on an artificial burger.  How delish does that sound?  About as tasty as a vinegar smoothie.  The saddest part is 30% of children’s meals consist of fast food.  I know we are all busy, trust me I know, but we have to make a change.

So today, give it up.  Make a meal.  Then make two tomorrow.  Soon you will be making all your meals.  If you make too many, you can send them our way.  Lord knows I will be burning meals left and right.

Do you eat a lot of fast food?
Got an easy recipe?  Link it below, so Tim doesn’t starve.
Would you try an artificial burger?

Written by Christina and Tim

Is it terrible that I am still recovering from the Fourth of July.  I guess that birthday finally caught up with me….extra years be dragging me down.

This week I finally get to show you all of those outdoor projects that we have slaved over for the last four rainy weekends.  I may or may not be doing the cabbage patch behind my screen here.

Before we take this fiesta outside, I want to talk about all the creepers just waiting to pounce on your financials.  We all spend a lot of time behind the screen, but there are tons of people making their living off of your computer time. protect your identity Almost eight and a half million adults a year are victims of identity fraud losing over $50 billion dollars.  We probably all know someone who has been affected, in fact Tim and I have both taken a ride on the crazy train that is getting your identity back.  It is a heck of a ride let me tell you.

Did you know that the easiest way to prevent identity theft is just to be aware of your accounts.  It’s that easy…just check your statements for strange activity.  An easy step that so many people don’t take.

You can shred documents, secure your personal information, and use an antivirus but using common sense when providing information is one of the best ways to protect yourself.  Make sure you have initiated contact and you know who you are dealing with when you give out data.  Shop on trusted sites, and people please don’t give out your social security number.

Take a minute today to check your bank account.  Then do it for the next 66 days and you officially have a very safe habit.  You’re welcome.

Have you ever been affected by identity theft?
Do you check your bank accounts on the regular?
Ever used LifeLock, how did that go?

Written by Christina and Tim

Welcome back, did you have a good weekend?  Our big project got rained out….again.  We did get to squeeze in some smaller projects and I managed to surpass lobster red when I mistook bug spray for sunscreen.  Please don’t touch me, I’m sizzling.  More aloe please.

While we are on the subject of plants that heal.  I challenge you to do some planting of your own.  Yup, permission to be a tree hugger…not that you asked for it. plant a tree Did you know that 3 trees planted strategically around your home could cut energy use by 50%.  Not only are they helping you out, one acre of trees can absorb the same amount of CO2 produced by a car driven over 25,000 miles.  Not to mention they are pretty.

If every family planted a tree today, one billion pounds of CO2 would be reduced ever single year.  There are so many gorgeous trees to choose from, Tim and I are thinking we need a fruit tree or maybe a Bradford Pear.  I have always been a fan of the Dogwoods, you know it being the state tree of Missouri and all.

Have you ever planted a tree?
Have a favorite tree?
Do like breathing oxygen?

Written by Christina and Tim

We had such high hopes this weekend…such big plans.  Instead, we just sat at the window watching the rain wash away our big-project plans.  I hope your weekend was more fun and less wet than ours.  Maybe you were sipping Mojitos on the beach, and if you were why didn’t you bring us with you?

Today’s challenge seems like just a nice gesture, but there’s a bigger picture. MONDAY 24 Get this, sounds is measured in decibels (dBA) and of course there are different levels.  Normal conversation is about 60 dBA unless you are laughing with Fran Drescher.  That noisy restauraunt will run you about 85 dBA.  Your car horn is typically around 110 dBA.  At 110 dBA, the maximum exposure time is 1 minute and 29 seconds before hearing damage occurs.

Yea, you can damage people’s hearing with car horns.  We have all heard that hearing loss is starting younger and younger, thanks in part to blaring tunes in your ear buds to drown out all that other noise.  Did you know that 28 million people have impared hearing caused by noise?

So today, give your horn a break unless you are in some serious danger.  No friendly good-bye honk.  No HEY I am here honk.  No YOU ARE AN INSANE DRIVER honks…just blow them a kiss as you drive by.

Are you a honker?
What is the honkiesthorniest…ummmm nevermind.
Ever been to Philly?  They honk a lot.

Written by Christina and Tim