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Our next stop on our East Coast Road Trip was the A-C. Yeaaaa buddy for all you Jersey Shore fanatic types…we just wanted to find the gypsies.

I have to admit, we only put this in our itinerary for the laughs.  We were sure we wouldn’t blend with the juiceheads and would most likely hate it.

Boy were we surprised.

I mean what more could you ask for….besides a hotel room that was cheaper than our DC room service!

The hotel we stayed at was right on the boardwalk, with the beach right behind it.  It also had a casino, so why didn’t we come here sooner?

And get this…Timbo made friendlies with the front desk attendant.  So he gave us the “corner suite”….Why yes indeedy, those are mirrored ceilings….only in Jersey.
Don’t worry mom, we aren’t into that freaky 50 shades stuff.

So during the day we hung out on the beaches and played in the waves, until I found out I have an allergy to Atlantic City biting flies.  Seriously, I was welting up like a weirdo. The beach reminded me of Florida, lined with hotels and touristy shops…but with way less college hotties and way more gambling grannies. So after I was attacked by the killer flies and run off the beach…we spent a little time on the boardwalk. Here is where I admit that I am the annoying tourist…the one that loves the little shops with postcards and magnets.
I will gladly pay $9 for a yummy spiked lemonade just for the “whole experience” of the boardwalk.
The one that snaps a hundred pictures of every building, which is why you will see so many photos where T looks bored.
We have most likely spent all our money on junk and he’s been standing there getting harassed by homeless people while I snap away.

So I loved the boardwalk. We had a great time just strolling up the boardwalk and then back down the beach.  Giggling over the seagulls the whole time, little entrepreneurs.  Pretzels crumbs are everywhere…and they are like gangs claiming their territory.  As lame as it sounds it was fascinating to watch for two folks who rarely see seagulls.

After all our beach & boardwalk shenanigans, we went to dinner in the casino.  We figured while in Jersey, we had to have real guido Italian.
So we went to Patsy’s, which is where Frank Sinatra used to hang out.  We stuffed our bellies with the best of them.

Then it was casino time. This was one of the most fun nights we had.  Oddly enough, we had never been to a casino together….I usually avoid them like the plague.

We did everything….roulette, poker, slots, craps, and the list goes on.  I kept winning, Tim kept losing….then I would give him my winnings and he would lose them. Until later in the night….when he won big on Double Diamonds.  He then had little old lady groupies the rest of the night.

I had to shoo them off with a broomstick.  Little hussys.

On a completely unrelated note, I was fascinated by the bridges in Jersey.  I had never given much thought to bridges unless I thought they were pretty.

When you think about it there are so many different types and styles, but they all serve the same purpose.  The old covered bridge is there for the same reason that the Golden Gate is.  Interesting, no?


Sit and ponder bridges for a while now, mmkay.

Toodles friendlies.

Written by Christina and Tim

For our second day on the road, we decided we wanted to head out to Virginia.

I won’t deny that reading Young House Love and 7th House on the Left every day had something to do with this destination pick.  They just always make Richmond and Virginia look amazing.  Does that sound stalkerish?  I mean we didn’t hang out at their local Home Depot for five hours with a dream in our eye or anything.  Please understand my sarcasm….don’t email them a warning cry.

Actually, since it was Nascar weekend in Richmond we just kind of waved as we rolled through and mosied on down to Virginia Beach….but not before Tim’s charm scored us an amazing hotel deal.  I am keeping him around for all my vacations.

We did see some pretty sights on the drive.

We wanted to explore Richmond, but we were aching for a beach.  So even though it added two hours onto our drive, and we could only play in the sand for about three hours….we packed up and headed to Virginia Beach.

Worth it.

Just to get my tootsies in the sand.

Poor Tim was stuck on the beach taking business calls while I frolicked in the monster waves.  Seriously, they were large and in charge.

While he was working….he snuck some of these, maybe he really does love me.

It was totally worth the drive to sit on a beach with my man and soak up the sun.

After kicking sand at each other, we played tourist and went to all the little boardwalk shops.  It was such a great time.

It was so tough to leave, but since we couldn’t wiggle our noses, or flap our arms and land in DC we had to get to gettin.

Here we are driving off into the sunset, or something.

Until tomorrow friends….

Written by Christina and Tim