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On the third day of our East Coast road trip we left Virginia Beach to head up to Washington DC. We knew that the next day would be filled with touristy goodness, so we decided to take it easy that night.

We took up residence in the heart of DC at The George.  The hotel was very modern and trendy…such a fun experience. They even had a little fishie, so we felt right at home. Because we knew the next day would ensure craziness and exhaustion….we put on our animal print robes, ordered room service, and came up with a plan to show DC who’s boss.

Our number one tip for DC tourists….don’t order room service.  Our cheese platter three slices of cheese, juicy burger, and the tastiest dessert ever ended up costing us an arm and a leg.  Should have just ordered a pizza.  Our planning party picnic did help us get pumped for the next day though. Since The George was a hop, skip, and two blocks away from Union Station…we figured we would start there. I had very high hopes for Union Station, and it was beautiful….but there was a lot of construction.  So it lost that grandiose Benjamin Button feel. Still worth the visit.


Our next stop was “just down the street”.

Our Nation’s Capitol.

Here is a more serious picture that T took.

 And a less serious one that I took.

After oogling the Capitol we headed down to the Smithsonian.  Which…I have to admit I thought was one big building.

Apparently, there are many museums that make up the National Mall.

We have some planning to do.

Get ready for museum overload people….we went to four museums and took about 400 photos.
I have kindly edited them down for you.

First, there was the Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden.


Then we stopped to smell the flowers before going to the Air & Space Museum.

We apparently neglected to take pictures of moon rocks and missiles.  Lame I know.

Then we hit the motherload….the Natural History Museum.  I could have spent days there. Yes, we totally channeled Ben Stiller ala Night at the Museum and had crazy fun with animals.

  On a side note….Don’t you think this would terrify a small child? And someone get this Lion a dang cheeseburger…..he looks famished. We also got to chill with our ancestors.

And let me learn you a thing or two….
Yup….you are related to a ferret.  Or something.

But before your oldest relative, there were these guys.  

Of course when we found this little wing….we were in heaven.


We found a replica of a super old reef and lots of old seashells.

They also had a new tank….it was exciting to see a lot of our own corals and fish in this tank. Oh I also found my Christmas present….hint, hint Timbo. And look what they dug out of the ocean, this is a bad picture but it was stunning in person so I had to include it.

The Museum of Natural History was my favorite by leaps and bounds.  After we left there we headed to Tim’s favorite place we visited.

The National Archives.  This is where you can find the Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, Magna Carta, and The U.S. Constitution.  You obviously couldn’t take any photos in the building, but it filled us both with pride to see the documents we hold so dear.  It was a very personal experience that we both will cherish forever.


At this point in the day our feet were aching and we weren’t sure how we were going to make it.

We stopped for a couple photos with the Washington Monument and then popped a squat in the grass to relax for a bit.

Then we made the long haul “right down the street”.

To the President’s house.  We figured it was a “can’t miss” attraction. Sweet pad mister.

Even though we were exhausted at this point we figured we had come this far…so we might as well make the hike to the Lincoln Memorial.
But not before we had a little fun.

Then….miracle of all miracles….we made it to the Lincoln Memorial. Oh wait….we have to walk up all those stairs?  Where is the escalator?

Let’s just enjoy where Forrest and Jenny were reunited.

Once we hiked the steps…and about died of exhaustion (we really got to get on that workout regimen) we “reflected” on the 5 miles we had walked that day.  Okay five miles doesn’t seem too bad, but can we factor in the hours of museum moving.

Now is where we get really lucky…..a man decided to pop the question right on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial (romantic right) so of course everyone hooted and hollered.  That persuaded the enormous crowd of people to hustle outside to find out what the commotion was about.

Which let us sneak right in for a quick photo without elbowing a bunch of smelly people.

 I have to send a big thank you to the girl that took this photo….we asked her for one.  She must have taken forty, which gave us so many options.  Everyone should do that, everyone should also yell, “funny face” for the second shot.

After the hike back down the steps we hailed a cab NYC style and hoofed it back home to The George.

If we could do it all over again, we would spend at least three days in DC so we could see everything.

So much fun…..and yet so tiring.  Did I mention after all that we drove to Pennsylvania, truth.

Guess you know what tomorrow brings.

Written by Christina and Tim

For our second day on the road, we decided we wanted to head out to Virginia.

I won’t deny that reading Young House Love and 7th House on the Left every day had something to do with this destination pick.  They just always make Richmond and Virginia look amazing.  Does that sound stalkerish?  I mean we didn’t hang out at their local Home Depot for five hours with a dream in our eye or anything.  Please understand my sarcasm….don’t email them a warning cry.

Actually, since it was Nascar weekend in Richmond we just kind of waved as we rolled through and mosied on down to Virginia Beach….but not before Tim’s charm scored us an amazing hotel deal.  I am keeping him around for all my vacations.

We did see some pretty sights on the drive.

We wanted to explore Richmond, but we were aching for a beach.  So even though it added two hours onto our drive, and we could only play in the sand for about three hours….we packed up and headed to Virginia Beach.

Worth it.

Just to get my tootsies in the sand.

Poor Tim was stuck on the beach taking business calls while I frolicked in the monster waves.  Seriously, they were large and in charge.

While he was working….he snuck some of these, maybe he really does love me.

It was totally worth the drive to sit on a beach with my man and soak up the sun.

After kicking sand at each other, we played tourist and went to all the little boardwalk shops.  It was such a great time.

It was so tough to leave, but since we couldn’t wiggle our noses, or flap our arms and land in DC we had to get to gettin.

Here we are driving off into the sunset, or something.

Until tomorrow friends….

Written by Christina and Tim

I wish my home state rhymed with something cool.

Anywaaaayyyyys….the best part about this trip was that we got to see so many friends.  Most of our friends have abandoned us to move back home, or away for jobs, or possibly to get away from this Missouri humidity.

We miss them, way too much.  So we figured this is a great time to go see them all.

Our first stop was in Kentucky.

One of T’s best friends, Greg, calls Louisville home.  They met while Greg was going to school in St. Louis, and became the three best friends that anyone can have….minus one.

We totally understand why he boot scooted back home…because Louisville is incredible!

There was a beautiful river with lots of gorgeous bridges.

I know boys don’t talk about stuff like this….but Tim was a ball of excitement to see his buddy.  They had not seen each other for years, which I fully intend to make sure that doesn’t happen again.  Hi Greg….can’t wait for the Derby!!!

Apparently, when I was in this state of mind….

I realized that Louisville was the home of the Kentucky Derby.  It must have been all the horse statues, paintings, signs, and memorabilia.  I also decided at that time that we absolutely, positively NEED to go next year.  The boys thought that was just a drinkity pipe dream….but I remembered.

I never forget guys, and I am holding you all to it.
I already have my big, floppy hat picked out!

How did I get to that drinkity state you ask……Fourth Street.

Please don’t notice the bed and pillow reflection…this was taken from our hotel room.

It is a street in downtown Louisville, KY that is like a mall of restaurants, bars, and fun.  Since we were there on a Wednesday it was pretty low-key….which is just our scene.

So we explored, and had some dinner and drinks.

The handsome guy on the left is Timbo, yours truly, then Greg’s twin brother Mitch, and then Greg himself.

Here we are proving how awesome we are….our waiter was impressed to say the least.

No one was prepared when after the customary documentation photo I yelped, “No one move….it’s time for a funny face”.  Well, no one except Greg…is that not the best zombie impression you’ve ever seen?  I’m taking notes Gregory!

Here is a terrible video….where I thought Greg was still sitting in front of me.  Instead, he was sneaking off to pay the dinner bill that we had in our hand…you tricky trickster.  But it does give you a sneak peak of the awesomeness that is Fourth Street action.

Things to ignore:
The awful buzzing sound
Tim ignoring his loving girlfriend
My slightly intoxicated giggle

I really wish we would have had more time there….but we will make up for it come Derby Days.

See you soon Louisville!

Written by Christina and Tim

You may have noticed a hiatus here at Homemade Ocean.

If we are facebook friends, then you know we took the ultimate relationship test and drove across the country together.  For the last two weeks.  In a car.  Together.  For two whole weeks.  Ya dig?

If we are not facebook official….well let’s do this so that you are never in the dark again.
Just click here.

So the long story short is:

4,030 miles on the rental
13 days with my love
85 driving hours
16 states got to see us
185 expensive gallons gone

and a partridge in a pear tree, or something.

However, I feel like if you are here….reading this….then you don’t want the long story short.  You want pictures.
Well, I aim to please.  We are going to relive our vacation in real time.  That’s right…..we are going on a virtual vacation, here’s your plane ticket.

Today I just want to show you the overview, where we went and the simple road trip details that I love….


That is pretty much the break down of everywhere our tires touched.  Some of them we just drove through screaming in pain while our ears pop enjoying the scenery.

I never thought I would like the East Coast, I just figured that I hadn’t been there and I ought to see things like our nations Capitol, where Forrest jumped into the reflecting pool.  But this crazy, unexpected thing happened while we were rolling around the East side of America….we fell in love.  Especially with the North-North East, like Vermont and Maine.  We are already saving for a summer home, truth.  The big cities just are not our cup of tea….probably all the honking, or the dreaded tolls.


Y’all we had no clue about tolls….you can’t find them in Missouri.  Let me tell ya, if the price of gas didn’t break us then the tolls did.  Not to mention, we don’t carry cash…..ummmm yea drama.  We probably won’t be back anytime soon, but we have lots of cherished memories.

Don’t you worry your pretty little head, we are diving into each destination later….you will get all the juicy details.

Here are some of the little details that caught my eye and made me smile.

I just love the simple things, and I wanted to remember them for always.

I will say, this being our first road trip together….we may have overpacked.  Look at all that luggage for two people.

There was a pajama bag, an undies bag, a shower bag, a shoe bag, a full suitcase, a full overnight bag, a computer bag, a camera bag, a charger bag, an accessories bag, and of course….two snack bags.  Seemed logical, till we had to haul it all in every day.  For twelve days.  Bananas.

On a side note, can you tell I worked at Vera Bradley?  You should see what’s inside those bags….Vera paradise.


Those are the basics of our trip.  Oh yea, and the fact that we actually are still together after twelve days of getting lost.

Shocking, eh?

Dueces….see you tomorrow!

Written by Christina and Tim