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So if you know me well, you know how quickly I get bored with things.

For instance, my parents let me try anything and everything as a kiddo.  I think they were hoping that one day I would become an Olympian in something…anything.  I played the violin, took ice skating lessons, soccer, gymnastics, tennis, piano, cheerleading, debate, volleyball, and the list goes on.  The only thing they refused me on was playing baseball, I still say that could have been my hidden talent but the world will never know because I was not down with softball.  Back to the facts Jack, do you want to take a guess at how many of those things I still do today?  Yup, zero.  None, nada.

Why I thought it would be a great idea to stick with the same graphics for the same project for a whole year is beyond me.  I am not over the project, but I am definitely over the same old graphic week after week.  So meet the new fresh look of Make Mondays Matter…along with this weeks challenge. getyourrideon Did you know only ten percent of workers rideshare?  There are so many advantages to carpooling that it is shocking more people don’t do it.

The obvious reasons are saving gas, preventing wear of you vehicle, and maybe even making a friend.  Carpooling will also lower the amount of hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, and all those other fancy sciency emissions that your mother warned you about.  Then you can start getting all idealistic and dream of less traffic and no more potholes, as long as we can get everyone on board.

This week I am going to chit chat with our HR department to find out if we have any sort of ride share program set up already, if not I know I can find at least one person living in my neck of the woods.  Then all I have to do is tell them that $2,520 can be saved every year by each person in a 40-mile roundtrip rideshare and then start thinking of ways to spend that money.  If nothing else, maybe I will channel my inner New Yorker and jump on some public transit.

Have you ever carpooled?
Are you lucky enough to walk to work, or even work from home?
Got a crazy bus or train story?  I am all about those.

Written by Christina and Tim