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Oh what you forgot that we got engaged?

it’s okay, we did too.  Between new jobs, surprise parties, conferences, and all things crazy we sort of forgot that we are supposed to be planning a wedding.  We had debated starting a little sister blog just for wedding planning so that we could over-share all of our plans and ideas, but then I thought about how complicated things could get and scratched the whole idea.  Scratched it faster than I could say “domain name”.

 So we will be sharing some wedding details here and well, here.  Hope you all can get as excited as we are.  If it totally annoys you, then you should probably avoid my Pinterest account at all costs. wedding-pinterest-page So what do we have figured out?  Not much.

We have a tentative date….10-4-14 although we heard that is hunting season.  Maybe a hunting themed wedding, no?  I often ponder all the fun things we could do with that date (10-4 good buddy).  Plus, Tim would never forget our anniversary and that fact alone forces it into winnerhood.

We do know our wedding party, and it’s very unique…although we haven’t “officially asked” them yet.  There’s something special in the works for all that.  Don’t worry, you will be the second to know.

Our biggest struggle is going to be a venue.  We aren’t very traditional, so all the typical places are off the table.  Anyone know of a big empty warehouse or field we can borrow?

Which leads to our biggest decision….elope in Maine or throw the biggest party Missouri has ever seen?  Remember how we fell in love with Camden, Maine last year?  It would be a perfect place for a sweet little ceremony, and then we could use all that money we saved to get some hardwood floors.  Then again, I want our first dance.  I want to see all my friends laughing, and I really want to shove cake in Tim’s face.  I just don’t want to have to cut a guest list thanks to our meager budget….which is why we had the idea to throw a fair.

Yes, you read my crazy scheme correctly.  I want to throw a fair, filled to the brim with cotton candy.  A live bluegrass band, real rides, and tons of fun had by all.  Maybe a gorgeous gold dress.  Any idea how to make that happen.  Where there’s a will there’s a way, I hope.

We are going to look at Lost Hill Lake this weekend, wish us luck!  I feel like once we have a venue the ball will really start rolling.  Please tell me that’s the truth and that I am not doomed.

What kind of wedding did/will you have?
Should we elope or have a big, crazy shindig?
Think we can pull off a fair?

Written by Christina and Tim