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“Cheers to the freakin weeken (silent d) I drink to that” – Rhianna

That girl is wise beyond her years.  Can we talk about the fact that it is April, and not just April…it is mid-April.  Seriously, wasn’t I just hunkering down for the end of the Mayan Calender with my jar of peanut butter and flashlight?  Where is time going, and why aren’t all these projects finishing themselves.

This weekend we are going to be kicking some home-sweet-home rump, but before I get all sweaty and exhausted let me revel in this sweet little Etsy shop. jen skelley Jen Skelley’s sweet prints easily caught my eye with all the vibrant colors and whimsical characters.  You put a whale on just about anything and I pretty much call you my soul mate.  How adorable would a grouping of those be in a playroom?

Along with everything Coachella, I was also able to find some pretty sweet DIY projects.  I can’t wait to get my hands on some of these and make them my own. lovely indeed I have been keeping my eyes peeled for a sweet little bar cart that I can refurbish, and when I find (or build) my dream companion you had better believe a few of these DIY bottles will be riding dirty on top.  Look, we are young and fairly broke so we can’t afford the “bottles” you see in those rap videos.  Our bottles are generally of the plastic variety, so giving them a little makeover might be good for our bar carts reputation. one charming party I am getting a little overly excited for Cinco de Mayo, it is one of my favorites.  Okay, I really enjoy nachos and salsa and maybe a tangy green drink (on the rocks, extra strong).  The adorable little pinatas that One Charming Party whipped up are getting me in the fiesta spirit.  These look like they would be super easy for kiddos to pull too, so instead of giving that neighbor kid that murders ants with a magnifying glass a giant stick to terrorize everyone with just put up a couple of these and watch everyone go wild. honestly wtf Talk about unexpected.  I have seen a lot of cool sunglasses, but these are taking the cake right now.  Erica from Honestly WTF actually drilled holes in her shades to embroider an awesome little design.  She even makes it look easy.  I must admit I have gone a little embroidery crazy.  Maybe it is my inner granny, or maybe it is because I can’t embroider beans but I think I like it. design mom I am excited about this, it is one of those things you don’t really need but it makes your day a little bit better.  You buy this customizable printer and chose what is sent to you daily.  It can be news updates, grocery lists. Sudoku puzzles, or even your astrology report.  Imagine grabbing you morning horoscope before heading out the door, or even better sending yourself little love notes since it is all manageable from your cellular.  I don’t even think my explanation does this little guy justice, so check it out here.  Now what is my excuse for absolutely “needing” one of these?

What did you find out there this week?
Got any good plans for the weekend?
Wanna come help us clean?


Written by Christina and Tim

So yesterday, my family and I up and drove to Louisville, KY.

For Christmas I bought them all tickets to see Fleetwood Mac (if you have no clue who they are shame on you for making me feel old).  I fell in love with Louisville when we drove through on our East Coast Road Trip, and it is even better come Derby time.  I am so jealous of all you lucky souls who get to call this city home!

Now we are back on the road and I wanted to share some of my favorite things from this week, besides rocking out and pretending I am a gypsy.

I found this amazing print while scoping out the Etsy scene and knew this was my kind of store, obviously.

Then I was even more enamoured when I found all this goodness.  I introduce Ello Lovey. ello lovely I absolutely love the quirky quotes because they are not your typical “you had me at hello” and “you make me happy”.  The cute fonts and bright colors really did have me at hello though.  You should pop over there because Rhianna is sweet enough to offer all of us 15% off when you use the code:  HOMEMADE.  So go get you some!

I bookmarked a whole lot of awesomeness this week but the funny thing is that most of them were from one or two blogs.  Can I help it if some bloggers have endless creativity?  The answer is no, but I wish I could harness all of that creativity and use it to end world hunger and stuff.  Donate your creativity here please and thank you. design sponge again I love a dang tee shirt.  They are so comfy and give you so much outfit opportunity.  You can dress them up with some layered jewelry and heels or dress it way down with some sweats, what other clothing gives you that kind of options.  The folks at Design Sponge are always impressing me, and by putting a little bit of unexpected on your favorite outfit staple they have gone above and beyond.  This project makes me want to jump into embroidery head first hoop first. design sponge I have recently discovered that my thumb may have a hint of green to it.  That being said I have been eyeing all kinds of flowers, vases, gardens, and pots.  So when I ran across this sweet little flower-pot I couldn’t help but feel happy all over.  Not to mention that copper repels slugs, so it is good for your little greenery!  Don’t mind me, I am moving from gold to copper these days and I may be too excited about it. design mom Anyone who knows me knows I love quotes.  I put them on everything, so when Design Mom prettied up some tea towels with quotes from her favorite TV program my heart may have stopped for a second.  I have a minor tea towel obsession, and I feel like this will be a great project once I grow tired of my current set.  Maybe I’ll even get real classy with some Si Robertson quotes.

What fun did you find this week?
Any fun weekend plans?
Can you guess what show the tea towels are quoting?


Written by Christina and Tim

It is Friday, we should hug.  Another week bites the dust and we couldn’t be more ready for the weekend.  Hopefully every one will have beautiful sunshine and a pool boy to bring you lemonade.  I am still working on that last part.

I found the cutest Etsy shop yesterday and I just have to share it with you.  I wish I could have included more of the awesome art from Parada Creations but she just has so many options.  Here are some of my favorites, with lots of words to live by.  Those dishes can wait, amen. parada creations I think you can find anything your are looking for at Parada Creations, except maybe that pool boy.  There are woodsy prints, colorful prints, typographic prints, prints for kids, abstract prints, funny prints, zodiac prints…and I think you get the picture.  Somehow, even with all of those options Susana remains true to her style.  You must check it out, that’s an order.

In other bloggity news, I found a ton of inspiration and had quite a few laughs this week….and I am willing to share. studio diy Who wants to let me throw them a party, because I am dying to make these hats.  Kelly from Studio DIY took some gorgeous ranunculus blooms and made them into the coolest party hats I’ve ever seen. eating bird food Please tell me I am not the only one that scarfed down my Girl Scout cookies and then felt insanely guilty about it.  Well Brittany from Eating Bird Food is here to solve all of our problems, she is showing us not only how to restock on my favorite cookie….but also how to make them a little less guilt-inducing.  She calls them Sinless Samoas and I can’t wait to get them in my belly. because i am addicted I didn’t even know that flower farms existed until I came across this post on Because I’m Addicted.  I want to get lost in the miles and miles of color and wonder that these fields promise.  And please, just for a minute think about how fantastic that would smell.  Take me there, now. i wore yoga pant to work Remember these hot thangs…Whitney from I Wore Yoga Pants To Work is cracking me up with her Spice Girls Life Lessons and taking me back to my puka shell necklace days.  Bring me that L.A. Gel I need to scrunch my hair.  She also broke the news that Bradley Cooper has a jerry curl – say what – yes it’s true and yes it’s as bad as it sounds.  You need a laugh?  Then mosey on over and crawl in Whitney’s lap….she will have you in stitches in no time.

Did you find anything good this week?  Are you sipping lemonade with the pool-boy?  Can I borrow your pool-boy?

Written by Christina and Tim

Where the heck did March go?

Not too long ago I was wishing it would hurry up, and I guess it serves me right that it just flew right on by.  Without any warning, here comes April.

Gotta tell you I am not very prepared for the whole April showers thing, although the way things are going around these parts the “showers” may come out of the sky as snowman material.  I’ll keep my mittens handy just in case.

To brighten up my gloomy, gray, rainy days (are you all excited yet) I will be awkwardly staring at my new favorite Etsy shop and possibly petting my screen a whole lot.  The romance, the romance is in the air.  Can you feel it? first snow The First Snow has such gorgeous prints that make my blood flow quicken and my heart pitter-patter.  They make me want to fall even more in love with that hunk Timbo.  If you are planning a wedding, you really need to scope out the cake toppers, invitations, and cards because they are beyond adorable.  I feel like I could get lost in a field of hand drawn flowers, which afterall…is the bright side of April showers.

In other blogosphere happenings…. designmom I am forever pinning those photos of girls with cotton candy pink hair or gasp mermaid blue.  I love the bold color, but I work for a Fortune 500 company y’all and I feel like the CEO would not-so-much appreciate my eclectic new doo.  So when Gabrielle at Design Mom featured this temporary hair chalk, I pretty much fell out of my chair.  You mean I can jazz it up on weekends and then be totally business appropriate come Monday.  You guys won’t even recognize me once I have all my Tattly tattoos and bright, funky hair.  I can be so hardcore, for a minute. blondeabroad My new time sucker is definitely The Blonde Abroad.  She is such an inspiration to save all our pennies and see the world, you should see all the places she has been.  Tons of travel tips, videos, and funny stories.  I am hooked. housetweaking Ok, I have caught glimpses of these vertical gardens all over the web but this one is my favorite so far.  Dana over at House Tweaking is working out her green thumb with lots of pretty blooms.  Unfortunately for me, not even a succulent fares well in this house.  I will just print a picture of hers out and put it on the wall, living vicariously…that’s what it’s all about.

Written by Christina and Tim

Happy almost weekend!

 We are so close I can taste it, and by it I mean the big breakfast T is making tomorrow.  He says we need to be pumped and ready for bathroom progress, I am just hoping I get to eat it whilst under blankets.  At like noon.  Doubtful.

My version of getting “pumped” is perusing Etsy shops….ever so often I will happen upon a shop and think how can one person make so much beauty.   That’s exactly what I thought when I stumbled upon Mary Kate McDevitt’s shop full of handlettering and illustrations.  What’s up gorgeous and quirky screen prints, you had me at hello.  I just got to have that “Ladylike Whiskey” print. marykatemcdevitt If you’re a coffee fan, you absolutely need to check out her shop.  She has the best prints you will find, makes me want to start drinking coffee.  Maybe tomorrow.  Or once I get my new mug.

It seems that everyone in my blogosphere was crafting this week, oodles of inspiration.  I want to do all three of these. thebandwife I have been wanting to cover some of my not-so-pretty-books-that-i-love-to-read in a pretty paper but I had never thought of painting them.  Laura from The Band Wife is a creative soul and always has the best ideas.  Seriously, check out her Valentine’s decorations, not to mention her reality-show-worthy life. bowerpower Consider my pants blown off (read the post, you’ll catch my drift).  Can you believe that Katie Bower from Bower Power Blog made that pollen ball out of straws and string…no seriously she did.  Plus, she did it in under an hour and for a couple bucks.  Yes…I will have a pollen ball by Monday. onelittleminute Okay, so we’ve all pinned the photo of the hanger with the hot glue swigglies.  How much better does this look?  You can’t even tell that the hangers have been altered.  Miranda from One Little Minute is the most amazing sewer out there, but she outdoes herself when she comes up with stuff like this.

What did you find impressive this week?  Got any plans for the weekend?  St. Louis is hosting a Baconfest and Comic Con….but you know where we will be.

Written by Christina and Tim

Is it Friday?
Being on vacation has me so thrown off.

Being on vacation has also reignited my love for home.
To celebrate this great state in the middle of nowhere, I started looking for art and accessories to represent.  I found oodles… show me love

Here’s what else I found this week… lovelylittledetails How tasty do those grapes look?  I haven’t made them yet but the flavor combination sounds incredible.  I think they will make a refreshing snack in the summer out by the pool.  Jacin from Lovely Little Details is always creating beautiful things, including delish food.  I must warn you though, if you click on over to her site you will spend hours drooling over gorgeous florals and contemplating how to move to New England, Australia, and California. beautifulmess Look at those honeycomb shelves, you can quote me….honeycomb is the new chevron.  Just look at Katie Bower’s backsplash.  The girls from A Beautiful Mess featured these simple and beautiful shelves.  Their styling makes me so jealous. eastcoastcreative If you haven’t checked out East Coast Creative’s “Creating with the Stars” well then where have you been?  They’ve paired up DIY celebrities and some up and comers to create some pretty stellar projects.  My favorite of round one had to be the side table that was upcycled from an old tire.  Are you serious, that is genius.  Color me impressed, which happens to be that happy yellow.

What did you find this week?
Got any fun plans for the weekend?

My Patty’s Day plans may be put on hold thanks to the whole sickness thing.

Written by Christina and Tim