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My favorite holiday is fast approaching and I can’t wait to celebrate.

Oh and on top of turning another year older, Father’s Day is this weekend too.

We are celebrating by recruiting my papa to help us with a pretty major project.  I can’t wait to tell you all about it, but until then enjoy some fatherly goodness thanks to our friend Mr. Etsy. fathers day art prints

What is your best Father’s Day memory?
Are you planning anything fun for your dad?

Written by Christina and Tim

Bring on summer...mantles

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I love decorating our mantle for the holidays and seasons, mainly because it’s small enough to not feel overwhelmed but in a spot that makes the whole house feel festive.  In other words, it’s my lazy way of decking the halls.

Thanks to Danielle’s Craft with What Ya Got Challenge, I was challenged and inspired to make lots of bright DIY’s with the help of paint chips and this tutorial.

Now my mantel looks like our own little lemonade stand!  My favorite is the little quote that says, “If life hands you lemons make lemonade, if that doesn’t work add vodka”.  I think I will make that my summer mantra. a sweet summer mantle little mantle details paint chip projects dont mind the shadows Just like every time I do a mantle post I have to apologize for our crazy fish tank lighting and awesome shadows.  One day my photography skills will be good enough to compensate, I promise.

Have you been doing any summer decorating?
Have you made any fun paint chip crafts?
Want some tasty lemonade?  With vodka?

Written by Christina and Tim

Last weekend we got a little wild and decided to abandon the seventy-four projects we have on our plate to take a day off in the woods.  Sometimes I need a full day of phoneless bliss.  Usually the day after I started pulling my hair out trying to keep up with twitter, pinterest, facebook, instagram, bloglovin, klout, hometalk, and whatever else I am behind the times on.  Sometimes you just need a break.

Six years ago, one of my closest relatives retired.  She sold everything and bought an RV.  Now she spends her days traveling the US just her and her GPS.  A real-life American gypsy, and my role model.  Since she hasn’t rolled into our neck of the woods in a few months we hopped on the opportunity to roast a couple marshmallows with her.  And play gin rummy with her.  And bingo.  And an outdoor movie.  It was quite the eventful day.  Retired RV life is totally for me. OUR WEEKEND CAMPING TRIP ALL OF OUR CAMPING ACTIVITIES AND A FUN CAMPING GAME Hope you don’t mind the grain.

Do you like camping?
Have a sore loser boyfriend like me?
Did you spot the fluffy dog?

Written by Christina and Tim

This is what I would ask for.  Who has the hook-up on a birthday fairy? christinas birthday wishlist 1.  I have talked about it for months, and T even bought me a wooden one, but the time has come for me to become a real life duck mom.  I want to build a habitat and teach it tricks and snuggle it while I am by the pool.  Does that make me a weirdo?  So be it.

2.  Will I ever get sick of washi?  Probably not.

3.  How could I possibly resist a nail polish named “Naughty Nautical” in good conscious.

4.  Joy Cho was the keynote at Alt for Everyone and now I can’t get enough.  I need to soak up all of her knowledge and I need to do it now.  You think she would adopt me?

5.  The first time, ever I saw your face soles.  The gorgeous Elsie has rocked these shoes a time or two and I’ve had them on my wish list for way too long now.

6.  My phone dies….every. single. day.  The Mophie case recharges your phone with the flip of a switch.  Perfect for Pinterest happy fools like me.

7.  You can wear your twitter handle around your neck these days.  I see so many benefits to this.  Conversation piece.  Potential for that creepy guy at the library to find you and stalk your life, but hey it’s a new follower.  Simplifying the whole “can you id this body” thing.

8.  I have a camera crush on Epiphanie bags.  Right now we have a pretty awesome Canon backpack, but I think our camera deserves a stylish alternative.

I can’t believe my birthday is in less than a week.  I love birthdays, but this one feels odd.  I am realizing just how close I am to thirty, and how different my life is from what I imagined.

I am so thankful for another birthday, and instead of asking for presents or parties I am hosting an Etsy “Craft for the Community” gathering so that I can share my aging-happiness with everyone!  If you are in the area please come join me, I promise there won’t be any singing!

What did you do for your last birthday?
Are you where you thought you would be at this age?
What do you want for your birthday, besides world peace?

Written by Christina and Tim

I have had a pain in my side for a couple of months now.  Could be my appendix, could be a cyst, could be gas.  I don’t know because I have avoided getting the ultrasound my doctor ordered in September.

It’s usually always “nothing” right?  It would be a waste of time and money to get it checked out….I am sure it’s nothing.  That was my excuse until I listened to someone I love make the same excuses.  I spent all weekend trying to convince that loved one to go to the doctor while hiding the fact that I’ve put it off even longer than she has.

Got a tooth hurting?  Just wait until you can’t even eat before you go to the dentist.
Feeling stuffy?  Oh just wait until it’s full-blown bronchitis…no biggie.

Well, I am ready to make a change.  A virtual “putting down of the foot” for my health.  I’m hoping it will convince my loved one, and maybe one or two of you to do the same. get a checkup You got it, I am making my appointment today.  On top of getting the dreaded ultrasound, I may actually go to the dentist as well.

Do you put off going to the doctor?
Any self-diagnosers addicted to WebMed like me?
What do you do in the waiting room?

Written by Christina and Tim

It is Friday, the first Friday of June.  June.  As in the middle of the year, June.

Who do we talk to about slowing this whole “time” thing down.  Another birthday is creeping up on me, and I haven’t even taken the Spring mantel decorations down.

This summer I promised Tim that we would slow things down, and spend more time at home.  That is pretty easy for us in the summer because we are blessed with a pool.  We finally have it opened and that greenish hue is just a memory now.  In order to celebrate I thought I would show you one of my favorite Etsy shops.

Samantha French captures the essence of summer fun in her oil paintings. samantha french etsy shop If I could I would plaster waterproof versions of those all over our pool walls.  The colors are so crisp and every single painting gets me giddy for cannonballs and mermaid games.

Ok, I need to get my head out of the summer-clouds…it’s still a little chilly yet.
So I will focus my attention on some of the coolest projects I have seen lately. ohhappyday This looks like the perfect project for summer BBQ’s.  It is very difficult to find a cute tablecloth, even harder to find one that won’t blow away with the slightest breeze.  I think Jordan’s DIY striped tablecloth would also make a cute picnic blanket so it is kind of a win-win. design sponge I am dying to make Design Sponge’s string art trellis.  I love that they dyed the string prior to making it for that dash of summer color.  I would feel so fancy with a trellis in my backyard and I am pretty sure it would force me to grow some lovely ivy or even grapes.  That is it, it’s going on the list. design mom Did I mention I am ready for some swim time?  So it is no wonder that Design Mom’s feature on a photographer taking photos of people swimming under crashing waves it caught my eye.  Oh how I long for a beach.  I think photo-projects are so interesting and most of the time I am left thinking, “how on earth did they come up with that idea”.

Are you doing anything fun this weekend?
Are you as excited as us for swim season?
Can you believe it is June, gahhhh.

Written by Christina and Tim